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6 Key Elements of engaging Digital Billboards

Sign boards and bill boards has always been an effective mode of communicating and engaging with your target audience. Over a period, it has evolved the way billboard are used, the way message is communicated, and the material used. What has not changed though is its significance in the overall marketing efforts of the brand. Today, digital signage and LED sign boards has taken over the traditional method of using sign boards or bill boards. Visuals/contents are digitally controlled and are more focused on the target audience with precise communication. However, the important elements for engaging with the audience has remained there, rather has become more important in the era of stiff competition and available mode of advertisements. Here are 6 key elements in the modern-day digital signage:

There is absolutely no sense in establishing your display signage at a place where it doesn’t have audience, or to be precise, intended audience. To make it an effective mode of marketing, placement of the digital sign board is very important. It should be at a height where it can be easily seen, not too high, not too low but in eyesight. Secondly, the location of signage should also be an area where your intended audience has frequent visits or passes by.

Intent Rich Content:
Giving information about your services will not necessarily serve the purpose. Remember the motive of effective signage is not just to give information but is to create a lasting memory. And to create that memorable impression, your messaging should have an intent. While developing the signage messaging strategy, focus should be on telling a brand story that connects to the audience. And that story or intent should be in line with your overall marketing strategy.
Visuals & Aesthetics:
Brand recognition is another important aspect that needs to keep in mind. All your designs, images, text elements and visual objects used should be in accordance to your overall brand strategy. Keeping consistency in your visuals and branding will help in creating a brand recognition.

What’s New:
Frequently changing the design, layouts, storyline with consistency in your communication strategy can help. It could be more engaging to communicate your messaging with different stories or one liner.

Call to Actions:
A good sign board or bill board is one that keeps in mind for long or can drive your action towards the decision – depending upon its objective. However, businesses mostly emphasis on having a communication which drives action.

Hardware Material:
For a signage to look impressive and accurate, it is important that you use good quality material, that reflects standard of the brand. Moreover, the layout, LED light placements, distance between the channel letter characters will have major impact and it is important to have accurate layouts. Mostly, these elements of signage cabinet are designed in AutoCAD or LED Wizard.

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