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VR Goggles with hand-held controllers offer architects a whole new way of designing

From the world of 2D to 3D, the time has come to design your own real world with Virtual Reality. An age where architects design their imagination and create breathtaking scenes. With the advancements in technology, the virtual reality has brought VR Goggles and controllers to led the architects experience their own brainy thoughts to unlock more in the field of CAD designing and drafting.

As per the designer, Ekke Piirisild of the London Studio, the technology used in VR game designing software along with highly sensitive hand-held gesture controllers creates “a completely new tool” for architects. This altogether new tech update is allowing designers to draw and create products in 3D space.

Virtual Reality has proved to be the most compelling and effective technology. Industry experts quoted that VR gives a medium to companies to incorporate perfectly designed concept in the best way to customers.

With the trail of so many benefits, Virtual Reality gives the most realistic representation along with the ultimate design before making the final project. Be it construction, gaming or any other domain, VR is one among-st the topnotch technologies.


Virtual Reality: A Forefront Technology

The technology has played its ultimate role in the construction industry. It simplifies complex problems of the projects. So, if you are waiting to provide your user the best visualization, you can do it by placing the headset on and you enter in a live model of your building. All this happens with the use of real-time rendering technology, Unreal Engine. It enables architects and designers to step directly into each of their projects and to intuitively build the spaces around them with a real-world scale.”

Virtual reality allows visitors to do a virtual walk through a building space making them to precisely observe the view. Virtual reality is really a powerful technology which is growing at a fast pace these days.

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