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UN’s SDG 11 Targets and Current Trends in Construction

Everyone deserves a safe and decent place to live with all the basics. Right now, about 1.1 billion people live in slums or slum-like conditions. There’s an urgent need to act and improve living conditions for millions worldwide. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, specifically the 11th, talks about creating inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities.

SDG 11 aims to achieve targets like ensuring access to good housing, promoting sustainable urbanization, and reducing cities’ negative environmental impact. But reaching these goals needs action from governments, communities, and businesses to prioritize affordable housing, invest in infrastructure, and make cities more sustainable.

Targets of UN’s 11th Sustainable Development Goal

  • Decent housing and services for all

The target of SDG 11 is to ensure a good place to live and access to essential services like water and electricity by 2030. This will require investing in better housing, securing land rights, and upgrading infrastructure.

  • Make Transport Systems Safe and Accessible:

The aim is to create transport systems that are safe, affordable, and easy to use for everyone by 2030. This involves expanding public transportation, improving road safety

  • Promote Inclusive and Sustainable Cities:

Develop cities that includes everyone and protects the environment. This means everyone’s involvement in planning and managing.

  • Protect Cultural and Natural Heritage:

Another target is to safeguard important cultural and natural sites around the world. This involves preserving historic landmarks, promoting cultural diversity, and protecting natural landscapes from threats like urbanization and pollution.

  • Reduce Risks from Disasters:

Lessen impact of natural disasters like floods and earthquakes on cities by 2030. This involves preparing for emergencies, improving warning systems, and focusing on protecting vulnerable areas.

  • Cut Environmental Impact of Cities:

Cities and the built environment have a big impact on the environment. The target is to improve air quality, better waste management, and protecting urban green spaces and ecosystems.

  • Create Safe, Inclusive, and Accessible Public Spaces:

Safe, inclusive, and accessible public spaces should be created by 2030. This involves building parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas that cater to diverse needs and preferences.

Current Scenario

The construction sector is undergoing a significant shift towards sustainability in its operations on a global scale. It’s incorporating green practices into projects and optimizing operations through technological advancements.

Green rating systems have become prevalent in construction projects worldwide. These systems assess the environmental performance of buildings and infrastructure, encouraging the use of sustainable materials, energy-efficient designs, and environmentally friendly construction practices.

Furthermore, the industry is leveraging technology to optimize its operations and enhance sustainability. Innovative technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are being employed to improve project efficiency, reduce waste, and minimize environmental impact. BIM, for instance, enables collaborative planning and design, resulting in more efficient resource utilization and better project outcomes. IoT devices provide real-time data monitoring, allowing for more effective resource management and energy conservation on construction sites.

Overall, the construction sector’s push for sustainability reflects a growing awareness of the need to mitigate environmental impact and address climate change concerns.

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