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Architect, Builder, Engineer, Environmentalist!

Since when is humanity attempting to harmonize its living spaces with nature? Somewhere in the transition from maximalism to minimalism or perhaps the realization of prioritizing mental and physical well-being encouraged us to add green elements within the enclosed walls of our homes and workspaces. This ‘environmentalist mindset’ has helped us towards a sustainable coexistence with our surroundings.

Today, the pressing challenges of climate change and resource depletion are undeniable. This emphasizes the growing need to don environmentalist caps and think green! So, what exactly does it mean to be an environmentalist in the world of AEC? The answer is not a solitary role or a distinct job title but rather a collective ethos that permeates every facet of this multifaceted industry.

What is the Environmentalist Mindset?

In the AEC industry, being an environmentalist means taking a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility and sustainability. It goes beyond meeting regulatory requirements and shifts the focus toward creating structures and spaces that have a positive impact on the environment, society, and the economy.

The roots of environmentalism in architecture and construction can be traced back centuries when Greeks employed passive design strategies to regulate indoor temperatures. Remarkably, these practices are still relevant. In fact, they have advanced further, thanks to modern technologies, allowing for even more efficient and environmentally conscious building solutions.

But being an environmentalist involves more than just adopting passive design strategies or adding plants to your house. It includes reducing resource consumption, optimizing energy efficiency, and promoting environmentally friendly construction practices like prefab or 3D printing. It means voluntarily integrating available technology and practices into operations to achieve high-quality, sustainable project outcomes.

Current State of Environmentalism in AEC 

The AEC industry is aware of its environmental impact and is taking proactive steps to achieve net-zero objectives. The transition from conventional to innovative methods mirrors a significant mindset shift, propelled by awareness of environmental challenges, regulatory pressures, and an ever-growing demand for environmentally friendly structures.

Sustainable building materials, the integration of energy-efficient technologies, and the widespread adoption of green building certifications are driving change. Furthermore, modern technology is facilitating the exploration and implementation of innovative solutions, be it in new construction or restoration of old architectural marvels.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Drones, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices are further helping to enhance projects by giving real-time insights into different aspects of construction, predictive analysis, data-driven decision-making, monitoring energy consumption and building performance in real-time, resource optimization, and more.

Today, the desire for green spaces within work and living spaces not only aligns with ecological consciousness but also has a tangible impact on productivity and well-being. Incorporating greenery into office spaces has been found to reduce stress, improve air quality, enhance concentration, and promote employee satisfaction. As such, sustainability is not just a trend but a fundamental aspect of modern design that benefits the environment but also contributes to occupants’ health.

Here are some modern structures and how they contribute to sustainability-

  • Daxia Tower– Designed to maximize natural light and air, rainwater harvesting system to store water for supplementary use, thermally coated windows.
  • Spotify Camp Nou Stadium– Promotes EVs for mobility, and energy-saving measures, and has a geothermal system.
  • The Canyon and Mission Rock Neighborhood – Has a water recycling plant to process black water, efficient heating elements, and a water exchange system that enhances energy efficiency by using bay water for heat dissipation.

The Triple Bottom Line Approach for Successful Project Outcomes

The triple bottom line approach evaluates the success of projects based on three core dimensions: People, Planet, and Profit. It means that AEC professionals must consider the financial (Profit), social (People), and environmental (Planet) impacts of their work.

A commitment to the triple bottom line involves promoting social responsibility within the AEC industry, which includes considerations for the safety and well-being of workers, local communities, and the broader society. Striking a balance between environmental stewardship and economic viability is a hallmark of the environmentalist mindset. Sustainable practices can lead to long-term cost savings through energy efficiency and reduced resource consumption.

In this era of climate change and environmental consciousness, it’s crucial for the AEC industry to have an environmentalist mindset. Be it residential spaces or infra projects, crafting a built environment that harmonizes with the natural world, reduces carbon footprints, and safeguards resources for future generations is imperative.

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