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Architect vs. Draftsman: What's the Difference?

ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING SERVICESHere at Indovance, a lot of our articles talk about drafting and designing and how CAD software aids those efforts. What we don’t discuss, however, is what drafting and designing actually mean. Even further, we talk about draftsman and architects but never talk about the difference between the two. Are you familiar with them and how they’re different? If not, continue reading, we plan to share the answer with you!

What is a Draftsman?

According to study.com, “Draftsmen, also called drafters, perform some of the same tasks as architects and often work with architects. Draftsmen, like architects, prepare CAD drawings. However, drafting can be applied to many other areas besides construction and architecture. Drafting can be used to create drawings of circuitry or mechanical designs. A draftsman’s drawings include technical details and specifications such as materials, dimensions and procedures. In addition to using CAD, draftsmen also use calculators, tables and technical handbooks.”

A draftsman doesn’t have to have the degree or requirements architects do. They’re able to design without regulation. Oftentimes, homes that are designed by only a draftsman have trouble in the building stages, due to inexperience and inability to resolve issues the way an architect would.

What is an Architect?

Architects design and build structures for people to live, work, worship and various other things in. They design homes, churches, schools, offices, hotels and more. They are also involved in every step of the overall construction process from the beginning design stage to the end results.

Architects have the following skills and abilities:

  • Written and verbal communication skills for numerous settings
  • Team work skills
  • Research skills
  • Project management skills
  • IT skills
  • Expertise in design and drawing
  • Executive skills
  • Design and plan structures for aesthetics, security, and convenience
  • Continue education throughout career
  • Compliance and flexibility for dealing with unforeseen circumstances when necessary
  • Capability of reflecting on, and improving professional performances
  • CAD skills (computer-aided design)
  • Building management
  • Ability to turn concepts into reality
  • Ability to solve glitches in a diagnostic, rational way

Does this help you understand the difference between the two? We hope so! Hiring the right type of designer and drafter is important. You want to make sure the professional you choose is able to meet all your needs.

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