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Visualize the 3D with ARSKAN’s CODEC – Compression Technology for Reality Meshes

Current techniques are slow, expensive, and not collaborative. Our mission is to provide you with freedom of work. We want to revolutionize the use of massive 3D and change the way you work. 

This is the Mission statement of Arskan Technology which believes technology is everywhere and for everyone.  

Disruptive Technology Innovations & Solutions are going to be the new Trend in how Businesses are going to operate.

 Let’s take a look at Arskan’s revolutionary Codec Technology for Digital Twins. 

ARSKAN’s CODEC Technology for Digital Twins 

ARSKAN is a young, innovative, French deep-tech company, and 3D visualization experts have created a compression solution for reality meshes that claims to reduce the file size by up to 100 times without data loss.  

According to the French business, their Codec technology enables enormous datasets to be viewed on mobile devices without requiring a continual, fast internet connection, which is typically necessary when reality meshes are streamed from the cloud. 

The compression technology is accessible as a Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing it to be integrated into a variety of third-party programs, such as realistic modeling software.  

Arskan sees the Codec as a critical component for digital twins and is using the technology as one of the cornerstones for commercial digital twin development. 

Arskan is focusing on a commercial digital twin solution that will leverage compression technology. The SiloData platform from Arskan combines the Arskan Codec with its universal viewer, Arskan MoveInside, to provide a “full set” of technology solutions for seeing, managing, and sharing 3D data on the web and the go. According to Arskan, the platform allows clients to create interactive, collaborative, and real-time digital twins. 

However, Arskan recognizes that a digital twin is much more than a reality mesh. The company is working to integrate data from the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and to use AI to expand the model and provide additional value to the digital twin. 

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Compression without Loss 

Mesh data is compressed in the cloud or on a server using the Arskan Codec, then delivered to a desktop or mobile device for viewing in a browser. Mickal Pastor, the technical director at Arskan, explained how a 5 GB mesh was scaled down to just over 50 MB for a recent industrial project, so it could be downloaded to a mobile phone over 4G in “a matter of seconds.” 

The dataset is decompressed once on the local device, and the visualization can adapt to different degrees of detail. Decompression can be progressive, allowing the user to view the mesh before it is fully compressed. 

Arskan is developing technology that allows decompression and viewing to begin before the complete dataset has been downloaded to the local device for very big meshes. Arskan is currently working with a 200 GB mesh of a cathedral reduced down to 2 GB thanks to new ‘out of core’ technologies. 

Why ARSKAN Codec uses 3D Mesh over Point Cloud? 

A mesh is inherently organized & structured. This structure of triangles and points allows the algorithms & systems to reduce the mesh by eliminating specific points at crucial spots and recreating them at the exact same location following decompression. 

ARSKAN Codec method not only compresses files by changing the data organization (such as.ZIP) but also 3D meshing, which makes use of this topology. This strategy is responsible for the codec’s progressiveness and sound performance. 

Benefits of ARSKAN Codec 

ARSKAN Codec is a next-generation technology that allows you to:  

  • Reduce the size of 3D files without losing detail
  • Your files are compressed and gradually    decompressed, greatly reducing their size
  • replicate them at any level of detail
  • The digital restitution will be lossless regardless of the size or complexity of your 3D data
  • Accommodate any material limits
  • Your huge data is accessible from any device, including a computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Your 3D files can be seen on a smartphone if you combine ARSKAN Codec with ARSKAN MoveInside

The Future & Industry Adoption 

The CAJuN Project – Automation of Digital Twin Creation 

A vehicle park in France has been designated as a test site for its digital twin solution. The CAJuN project, created in collaboration with Lyon Parc Auto, a specialist in public park parks, and INSA, a public scientific research laboratory for image computing and information systems, aims to investigate predictive maintenance of the 28,000m2 LPA Cordeliers car park and company headquarters in Lyon. 

The CAJuN Project’s point cloud also uses AI for ‘unsupervised pattern recognition’ to evaluate the data and give an inventory of recurring shapes. Over 100 fire extinguishers were categorized and tagged with maintenance information for asset management purposes. AI is also being used on point clouds to recognize barriers and further reduce the file size by reducing the number of points on the mesh. 

As the CAJuN project progresses, it may be used to manage other car parks in the region and serve as the foundation for future commercial digital twin solutions covering a variety of assets such as industries or even nuclear power plants. 

Data has always been a critical component in keeping projects going forward during the design, bidding, and construction stages. The creation of a Digital Twin from the data gives project stakeholders a competitive advantage by allowing them to make quick and informed decisions based on real-time data that is accessible at any time and from any location. There will be an era of the Digital Twin Digital in the Construction Industry. Digital Twin is rapidly evolving, acknowledged, and employed on building projects. 

As the construction sector tries to keep up with demand for new facilities and layouts in the wake of COVID-19, Digital Twins offer to be a crucial facilitator. The use of such technology, which provides a digital representation of real-world systems and components, is critical for an industry that has lagged behind others in adopting digital technology. 

INDOVANCE Inc  with its exclusive delivery hub in India is a global CAD technology partner serving the needs of the AEC industry since 2003. At INDOVANCE we focus on the unique need of each project or client and believe in addressing the real challenges and guarantee that the process will be well-coordinated, smooth, efficient, and hassle-free. 

With our team of 400+ CAD specialists, we have successfully assisted in the development of various infrastructure projects in retail/commercial, resort, mixed-use, industrial, office, residential, recreational, educational, and municipal domains. With years of experience and extensive technical knowledge behind our back, we deliver sustainable, skilled, competent, cost-effective, and comprehensive infrastructure engineering services right from the planning stages to permitting and construction. 

Follow INDOVANCE Inc for AEC Industry Updates and Global Construction News. Feel free to connect with us on our website www.indovance.com or contact us at +1-919-238-4044. 

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