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Autodesk Forging Future with Autodesk Forge


You’ve probably heard about Forge, an intriguing new Autodesk platform. But what exactly is Autodesk Forge?

The primary focus of Autodesk University 2021 was Autodesk Forge, a cloud-based development platform for developers and customers. It’s been a long time in the making, and it appears that Autodesk is betting everything on it.

What is Autodesk Forge?

Autodesk Forge is a cloud development platform that consists of a collection of web service APIs that may be used to create cutting-edge cloud-based apps.

Forge is a set of web service APIs that let you integrate Autodesk SaaS products (such as Fusion Team, BIM 360 Docs, and others) into your workflows and/or embed some of the Autodesk products’ components into your web or mobile applications.

You’ve probably heard about Forge, an intriguing new Autodesk platform. But what exactly is Autodesk Forge?

The primary focus of Autodesk University 2021 was Autodesk Forge, a cloud-based development platform for developers and customers. It’s been a long time in the making, and it appears that the firm is betting everything on it. For years, Autodesk has been developing the Forge SaaS cloud platform, but it has primarily been targeted at developers. Because the Forge development suite is unlike anything else on the market, it necessitates a thorough illustration. Autodesk now needs to educate its customers on new ways of thinking about design tools, data, and how the Autodesk development community should be integrated into its digital ecosystems.

Covid-19 compelled AEC firms to sink or swim, pivoting their entire IT systems to serve more distributed users, scrambling to purchase workstation-class laptops, and speeding up cloud-based collaboration tools. Sure, many businesses encountered new bottlenecks and had to quickly implement a completely new way of working, but the industry miraculously survived.

Autodesk’s Forge platform unlocks the value of underlying customer data. Autodesk Forge had previously been discussed primarily in terms of developers and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for cloud applications.

Autodesk Forge for Business Owners

The Forge platform allows businesses to share and synchronize design information with customers via the Internet. All project data is stored in Forge, and data is integrated between a sales configurator, which is used to define specifications, and the design systems, which house the CAD tools (Revit, AutoCAD, and Inventor)

Autodesk Forge for Developers

By embedding the Viewer in a web page, you can show 2D and 3D views of your designs on your website. Enable powerful browser-based tools that allow your audience to control section cuts, explode assemblies, and take measurements.

Autodesk Forge API’s & Tools

Companies can use Forge tools to create functionalities that use their design and engineering data. From automated processes to alerts, Autodesk Forge has got you covered. From Virtual reality to 3D visualization in the browser. To innovate how you work and get more from your data, Forge APIs can be combined with existing software systems.

  • Autodesk Construction Cloud – Create seamless construction and field management workflows with crucial documents and data by integrating with the new unified Autodesk Construction Cloud platform.
  • Autodesk Forge Viewer – Render 3D and 2D model data in a browser with models from a variety of programs, including AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Revit, and others.
  • Design Automation API – Use the Forge Platform to automate routine tasks and run scripts on your cloud-based design files.

Streamline Data Connectivity & Strengthen Asset Management 

Autodesk is without a doubt the most cloud-savvy of all the CAD companies. While others focus on cloud servers and collaboration/connectivity, Autodesk wants to shift the design focus entirely away from distributed, desktop, file-based networks and toward a cloud-centric common data environment.

Autodesk has an ambitious cloud strategy. It involves moving its customers’ data from local to hosted, going from files to databases, desktop apps to the client, file exchange to API, and proprietary to open, all while maintaining existing tools, legacy formats, and working methodologies.

As per Autodesk, “It’ll take a lot of people working together to shift the industry to new ways of thinking and working, so expect that ecosystem to grow and grow over time.” People will be able to do more powerful things with more APIs.”

Autodesk also said, “Our goal is to offer maximum flexibility to our customers with regards to how they access and use these capabilities, by making it easier for them to find what they need to do their jobs. Not have to sift through dozens of products, but log into an environment, start getting their work done and often, in many, many cases, be presented with what they might need in order to solve a particular problem.”

There is no denying the importance that Autodesk is attaching to its cloud migration. It entails moving its customers’ data from local to hosted, from files to databases, desktop apps to clients, file exchange to API, proprietary to open, and so on, all while keeping existing tools, legacy formats, and working methodologies.

Because Autodesk has stated that it intends to eventually replace the current generation of desktop products with more dynamic, thin-client-style applications, we believe that some of the user’s anxiety stems from hearing about the Forge utopia but not knowing how Autodesk plans to transition from the current applications to Forge.

It’s also unclear how pricing will change for customers in the future, but Forge allows for much more transactional charging. If you store your data in Autodesk’s cloud and want to run generative design, rendering, or structural analysis, Autodesk will now be able to charge per calculation or result. Naturally, this brings up Autodesk’s token system, which will be used to charge customers for services that are not included in their subscriptions.

It’ll be fascinating to see how Autodesk defines its future AEC-focused information model and workflows, given that no next generation of Revit has been confirmed yet.

Fusion 360 has been a crucial learning experience for Autodesk, serving as a proof of concept for its cloud-based ambitions. It was at this point that Autodesk began to make some key decisions that are now nearly a decade old. The company embarked on a development plan to transform all of its discrete software components into a suite of cloud services, with customers’ data at the center.

It’s worth getting a demonstration of Autodesk Fusion 360 if you want a sneak peek at how Autodesk’s Forge applications will work when they replace desktop applications.

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