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Autodesk Takes Initiatives to Boost Digital Skills & Drive Open Standards – Enhances Educational Resources & Open sources RV


Autodesk has initiated the next stage of its initiative to upskill current construction employees and support the sector in attracting the next generation of potential recruits as part of its aim to offer customers digital tools for a competitive advantage in the market.  

Professionals in the construction industry may learn new skills, progress their careers, and future-proof their businesses, thanks to the company’s most recent initiatives, Construction Master Class, and the Autodesk Construction Cloud Learning Center.  

Autodesk has also announced the open sourcing of RV, its Academy Sci-Tech Award-winning media review, and playback software. As Autodesk opens up RV, it joins source code contributions from DNEG’s studio and Sony Pictures Imageworks. 

Autodesk is consciously and continuously making efforts and taking initiatives to promote and expand access to its tools and drive open standards.   

Autodesk encourages a new and diverse generation to seek a career in construction and to improve the tech skills of the current workers. 

Autodesk Open Sources RV 

Visual effects and animation professionals may examine high-resolution photos and sequences in real-time thanks to professional-grade media player technology found in Autodesk RV. As part of the Academy Software Foundation’s (ASWF) commitment to developing a uniform, an open-source toolset for viewing, reviewing, and approval of motion picture content, Autodesk has made RV available as open-source software. 

Production teams and visual effects (VFX) and animation artists can watch real-time high-resolution images and sequences thanks to RV’s professional-grade media player technology. While working together on projects, filmmakers might use RV to compare several iterations of movie footage. 

In 2015, Autodesk acquired the RV technology from Tweak Software and integrated it into their ShotGrid platform for production management. As a result, workflow bottlenecks have been removed, live collaborative review sessions are now possible, and teams are being helped to speed up time to pixel during reviews. As part of its ShotGrid ecosystem, Autodesk will continue to provide commercial support for RV. 

The next step in our drive to adopt open standards and cloud processes, such as MaterialX, OpenTimelineIO, and USD, is to share RV desktop media player with the open-source community, according to Diana Colella, SVP, Media & Entertainment, Autodesk. “At a time when there is a record-high demand for content, we are really thrilled to develop new prospects and industry resiliency.” 

We are able to share our integrations with the industry because RV is essential to our animation pipeline. The integration of our ALUSDMaya toolkits into the Maya-USD plugin supported by Autodesk is comparable to what we did with Autodesk and Pixar, according to Darin Grant, Animal Logic CTO, and AWSF board member. “Autodesk is once again proving its commitment to open source by sharing essential libraries and toolkits that will advance the sector, as they did with their contributions to OpenColorIO.” 

Autodesk Boosts Digital Skills – Enhances Learning Resources & Tools 

Global AEC industry issues include the labor crisis in the building industry and the lack of digital skills. 

Autodesk has introduced two new programs, Construction Master Class, and the Autodesk Construction Cloud Learning Center, to assist its clients and the construction sector as a whole in addressing issues related to the digital skills gap. 

Construction Master Class 

Industry experts offer free online tutorials through Construction Master Class. The videos, which are presented by eminent building experts, offer useful insights to equip viewers with best practices on workflows and career progression. Through a combination of personal stories, use cases, and examples of “what not to do,” Construction Master Class enables viewers to hear directly from industry leaders and Autodesk experts about how to deliver crucial project outcomes like better cost control, improved quality management, and standardized field collaboration workflows. 

Autodesk Construction Cloud Learning Center 

The Autodesk Construction Cloud Learning Center offers simple tutorials on how to use all Autodesk Construction Cloud products, such as Autodesk Build, Autodesk Takeoff, and Autodesk Docs, for free to everyone and in five different languages. Learning paths contain videos that offer detailed explanations of how to use Autodesk Construction Cloud products to master digital construction skills like setting up project templates, monitoring issues, managing RFI and submittal workflows, and working with project participants. More than 42,000 students from 134 different countries have registered for courses since the Learning Center’s spring 2021 opening. 

In addition, Autodesk has launched a number of other programs to help current construction employees improve their computer skills and attract new, diverse individuals to the industry. These consist of: 

  • The Autodesk Membership Training Provider Program – The Autodesk program aims to improve members’ digital abilities and is currently being used by more than 215 trade unions and industrial organizations. For a yearly subscription license fee, Autodesk provides software solutions like Revit and Autodesk Construction Cloud to training facilities in the MTP Program. 

The benefits of the program improve BIM and CAD training programs at current training locations and enable additional locations to provide expanded training initiatives using Autodesk technology. 

  • The Autodesk Make It Real Program – The Make It Real program from Autodesk is a community education initiative that encourages young people to use design thinking to solve actual construction and built-environment-related issues. The initiative provides opportunities for inspiration, education, and financial support, including this year’s Building Changemakers Giveaway microgrants worth $50,000. The recipients make their own decisions about how to use the cash, which might include training-related costs like childcare and safety equipment in addition to tuition and certification fees. 

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According to McKinsey, approximately 41% of current US construction workers are scheduled to reach retirement age by 2031, which would exacerbate the labor shortfall in the sector, according to Allison Scott, director of the customer experience and industry advocacy at Autodesk. “Although there will be an influx of new projects and roles, our customers frequently express concern that the industry is not bringing in enough people to meet their growing needs or develop the necessary skill sets. The construction industry is undergoing a digital transition, and Autodesk’s learning initiatives are being used to help businesses adapt quickly and stay competitive.” 

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