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Benefits of Using AutoCAD for Railway Design

AutoCAD is a popular software for all types of design. For those that aren’t familiar with AutoCAD or CAD, it stands for “Computer Aided Design.” AutoCAD is a software solution that aids the design process of two and three dimensional designs. The software is produced by a company called AutoDesk.

Railway design is a complicated process that involves various software systems, experts and models to help create plans and designs. One of the best programs to use in this procedure is AutoCAD. Why? There are several benefits that come with using it.

Below, you’ll find the most important advantages of using AutoCAD for railway design. If you need help with engineering outsourcing services call Indovance today for a free quote!

Benefits of Using AutoCAD for Railway Design

  • Add 3D models from various software and sources
  • Analyze performance
  • Assign start and stop dates for demolition or construction
  • Bring solids into other software easily
  • Build corridor models
  • Create a precise virtual world
  • Create corridor solids from civil engineering design and 3D pipe and utility networks to integrate with building models.
  • Create spaces in the context of viewpoints
  • Create, evaluate, and interconnect proposals
  • Design and review different building viewpoints
  • Discover constructability issues
  • Clash detection
  • Explore scenarios through mobile and web access
  • Expose design problems
  • Extract solids from the corridor to get the platform as a solid
  • Get information by performing quantity takeoffs on materials and properties
  • Improve public engagement
  • Incorporate 3D models from various software systems to perform interference inspection
  • Maintain dynamic relationship with rail track design and resulting corridor models so changes affect all related elements
  • Platform design & station placement
  • Rail project planning
  • Rail track design
  • Share proposals with anyone who needs them
  • Sketch access roads and parking lots
  • Sketch in surrounding proposed infrastructure
  • Speed approvals up by sharing models and scenarios
  • Station design
  • Systematize the creation of high-impact
  • Tie building tasks to various design elements
  • Track corridors by building rail models easily using sub-assemblies that are user friendly
  • Use aggregated data and 3D design models to explore options
  • Use solids to model rolling stock to check for potential clashes between trains and structures such as bridges and tunnels
  • Using rant cant standards, specialized commands for rail turnouts and rail types, you can generate rail alignments and profiles
  • Work together more effectively

We hope this information helps you understand the software and how beneficial it can be for your railway designs.

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