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Benefits of Outsourcing CAD Conversion

CAD Drafting CompaniesWhen your company needs CAD conversion work done, outsourcing it is the smartest and most cost effective choice. Why would you hire a new employee for a project that may not be long-term? A full-time employee needs benefits, training and space in your office – all things that will cost your company money. Running a business gets more expensive every year, so it’s important to think about how to save money. Hiring experienced CAD drafting companies can be more cost effective and produce better results.

CAD conversion is the process of turning two-dimensional (2D) designs into three-dimensional (3D) photo realistic renders using drafting software. The original designs are either on paper or created using software that only allows for 2D reproductions. Because the images are flat, they are harder to conceptualize, especially if the product is made up of moving parts that all work together.

The smart choice in creating such designs is to use CAD software so that the product can be seen exactly as it would be if it were built. A 3D model shows how the parts fit together and how they will interact. Seeing these things before a prototype is built can help catch any design flaws before it’s created.

Another benefit of having 3D models of your designs is when you are seeking investors in your company, so the investment you make in conversion form 2D can pay off if you’re able to secure new financing.

Your company may not need to have projects converted from 2D to 3D very often, so the benefits of outsourcing the work greatly outweigh the benefits of hiring a full-time employee. Aside from the hiring process, which can take weeks, you also have to pay a full-time salary and benefits to a new employee, plus provide training on company policies and procedures. The time lost during the hiring process could be time spent working on the conversion projects you need completed.

CAD drafting companies will have experts on staff ready to take on your project immediately. A major concern in conversion from 2D to 3D is accuracy and requires a strong focus on maintaining the integrity of data and records. A specialized technician will be able to focus on the conversion rather than design concepts, freeing up your in-house staff from those duties. Outsourcing the work will also ensure that you have highly trained experts working on your project. You won’t need to spend money to train your employees, or worry with the costs associated with purchasing or upgrading software.

Before you partner with a firm for your CAD conversion projects, make sure they’re a reputable company with experienced professional technicians. Ask for references and examples, if possible. Clearly outline your needs and the timeframe you expect for the work to be completed. Once you have worked with the company and established a relationship, you will have them as a valuable resource to your company.

INDOVANCE – Top Of The CAD Drafting Companies

Are you a business owner needing help with CAD conversion projects, but worried about what it might do to your overhead costs? Consider outsourcing the work versus in-house hiring. Indovance is here to offer quality resources to help ease your fears about hiring outside CAD drafting companies. To learn more about Indovance and all the outsourcing services we offer, give us a call. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have! We also offer additional CAD services, BIM, architecture service, plus more. Let us help your business save money.

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