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Benefits of Using Pro/ENGINEER, or PTC Creo, continued

PTC Creo is 3D modeling software once known as Pro/ENGINEER. It’s used in mechanical engineering, design and manufacturing. The software is unique because it was one of the first 3D CAD modeling applications that uses parameters, dimensions and features to optimize the development of a product.

In this second part of the series on the benefits of PTC Creo, we’ll take a look at them from a designer’s perspective. In the first part we showed the time and money saving benefits of the software.

PTC Creo is made up of multiple applications for each part of the product development process. This range of tools means everyone involved in the process, from the mechanical engineers to the people handling manufacturing, is able to work in the same program. The collaborative function allows them to also make changes that can streamline the design process.

When a new design is being implemented sometimes files built in other programs are needed. With PTC Creo, those files can be imported. They don’t have to be converted, making them easier to incorporate into the new design. Time is also saved because every design doesn’t have to be created from scratch. It also has a feature, the Import Data Doctor (IDD), which can review other file formats for errors or poorly defined parameters.

PTC Creo has a library that gives users the ability to find the hardware they need for designs. Nuts, bolts, screws and washers are available so that designers don’t have to spend time creating or searching for fasteners. Once a designer has selected the item he needs, the software creates the holes and assembles the components.

The design aesthetics are improved because of more comprehensive surfacing capabilities including multi-resolution editing and smoothing. It allows a designer to create complex surfaces through technical or freestyle modeling and surface creation that can then be attached to the model. There are additional extensions that can be used for more advanced surfacing options.

Part of the design process is simulation, which is when the product’s data is processed in order to represent a “real world” example. This is when a designer can make changes in order to meet the specifications laid out in the concept. PTC Creo offers the ability to simulate a product with a few clicks.

The final product can be rendered into a 3D model for investors or customers. The graphics provide photorealistic depiction of the materials, such as glass or metal. It allows changes to be made to enrich the design so that the concept can be showcased in the most accurate and realistic way possible.

Once a project is completed, PTC Creo has a digital management capability that allows a designer to protect the design with a verification and validation process that secures digital rights.

The software also has the ability to grow with a company or designer. New users and modules can be added, so that the software will never become out of date. There are also add-ons available to provide extended resources as they are needed.


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