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BIM for Home Builders

It’s no secret that BIM is a great software for those in the construction business. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is actually amazing in what it can do to help with the overall process of planning, designing and building. General contractors are not left out of the long list of those BIM can support.

Though we often think the program is used only to build retail malls, apartment buildings, water treatment plants and other large commercial buildings, it can also be great on a smaller scale, especially for those that build residential homes and smaller commercial structures.

BIM Benefits for Home Builders

Problem and Error Detection — You’ll be happy to know that BIM can help you find issues before they happen. Even if the problems do arise in the beginning stages of design and planning, you can easily fix them before they become a costly issue. BIM modeling services allow us to check for mechanical, structural and plumbing issues quickly upfront.

Personalized Options — Home builders are able to offer custom home building and design options easily with BIM modeling services, without adding to the price of the overall construction. Clients will pay product home price for the custom built home of their dreams!

Marketing — When those needing to build a home or small commercial building find out how easy it is to use BIM to help create projects, they’ll come running. You can also better market your home designs by adding 3D renderings to your website and other marketing material!

Specificity — Site-specific plans are easy to create and use with help from BIM models. They can be created for each home built and offer information on material needs, costs and design details.

Planning, designing and rendering with BIM will offer amazing results with realistic models and images you can use to sell your work. The renderings will speak for themselves, as clients will be able to envision what their home will look like after it has been built. Their personal details and designs will be implemented into the realistic rendering. They can make changes easily, based on what they see or keep things exactly the way they are without worrying that they won’t like it after it’s been built!

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BIM Modeling Services for All Industries | Indovance

If you need help with BIM modeling services, and need to lower costs, consider working with a pro. When you send out some of your projects to one of the top CAD drafting services companies in the world – Indovance – you’re able to decrease your drawing time as well as get help with your engineering or architectural needs as well.

All you have to do is trust Indovance to offer you the best customer service available! Call us today, to learn more about the benefits we offer to businesses that want to grow and succeed at new levels, while lowering overhead costs and gaining profitability! You won’t be sorry you decided to take advantage of our BIM, mechanical design, or CAD drafting services!

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