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BIM Modeling Services Increases Productivity

In the United States alone, BIM usage has increased from 28 percent to 71 percent in the last seven years. Though you might be wondering why, those that work with BIM daily understand completely. Before moving on any further, let’s take a look at what BIM actually is. BIM (Building Information Model) is a 3D model based process that architects can use to help them with drafting and design. The process involves every stage of constructing a building or structure from beginning to end. This includes the following:

  • Designing the structure (also considered pre-construction)
  • Estimating costs from beginning to end
  • Determining supplies and amount needed
  • Delivery of supplies before and during construction
  • Overall Building process
  • Finding resources
  • Productivity requirements and goals
  • End results

As you can see, each step in the overall process of construction can be done in a more efficient way with help from BIM. Essentially, this type of modeling helps increase productivity during every step of the process. This alone, is the biggest reason more and more companies are trusting BIM. Working with this software offers a straightfoward, precise and simple way to construct. A few more benefits that help improve production include:

  • Plan with ease
  • Better able to controlling the outcome of an overall project
  • Eliminate the need to rework problematic issues
  • Ability to share information easily and correctly without taking up too much time
  • Communicate ideas easily and simply

So, there you have it! The best ways to increase productivity in your company is to consider using BIM. Those that do are taking advantage of the most best benefits available to anyone needing help with drafting, designing and constructing structures.

Believe it or not, almost two-thirds of companies that use BIM software to produce and manage have greater return on their investment! This software is changing the way construction, production and management is done in a more efficient productive way! Don’t make the mistake of failing to use BIM for your construction needs!

Not sure if using BIM modeling services in-house is right for your business? Consider outsourcing! Taking advantage of outsourcing BIM modeling services is a great way to plan, design, and construct in way that’s cost efficient and offers a quick turnaround. Don’t think twice about learning more information about BIM! You’ll be amazed at the increase in productivity and decrease in costs!

High Quality BIM Modeling Services by Indovance

Indovance is proud to offer BIM modeling services outsourcing to your business, along with other CAD services. Partnering with Indovance is a great way to plan, design, and construct in a way that’s cost efficient and productive. There’s no need to hire an in-house architect when you can outsource with Indovance! If you’re interested in outsourcing your BIM modeling services, please contact us today! If you’d like to speak with one of our experts, we’d be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

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