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BIM Service Helps Prevent Budget Overruns

BIM ServiceAre you looking for a way to prevent budget overruns and save time and money during a project completion? Believe it or not, there is a way this can happen! It’s all possible with help from BIM, or business information modeling! Interested in talking with Indovance about outsourcing BIM services? Contact us, now! To learn more about how to prevent budget overruns, continue reading!

Did you know that traditional building methods are used quite a bit in today’s architecture industry, despite their time consuming tactics and over-budget tendencies? The best way to avoid both of these issues is to use this type of modeling for all stages of construction, beginning to end.

Fortunately, usage in the United States has increased 43 percent in the last seven years. Seven years ago, only 28 percent of architects were using a BIM service. Now, over 70 percent are! It’s expected that this percentage will grow more quickly now, considering the gaining popularity of the software. Not to mention, all the benefits architects will gain from using it!

To fully grasp the realization of how using a BIM service can help prevent over-budgeting, take a look at Stanford University Center for Integrated Facilities Engineering’s percentages. These numbers are based on their observations of 32 projects using BIM:

  • A savings of up to 10% of the contract value through clash detection.
  • Cost estimation accuracy within 3%.
  • Up to 40% elimination of unbudgeted change.
  • Up to 7% reduction in project time.
  • Up to 80% reduction in time taken to generate a cost estimate.

One of the key advantages of BIM is the ability to get accurate cost estimates, easily and quickly, of all stages of construction. This means from design to construction completion. As most architects know, estimating accurate costs during the planning stages of a design is important. Approval of the owner is based on these estimates. That’s why sticking to the budget set forth is key.

With BIM, you’re able to unmistakably validate each part or piece of an overall design. This also provides the ability to ensure that no two pieces clash in any way. Schedules are everything in construction. Having an issue that deflects from the general plan and timeframe can produce negative effects. The best way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is by using BIM to eradicate conflicts, maintain a schedule and, in the long run, avoid over-budgeting.

BIM Services Help Cut Costs

If you’re ready to prevent over-budgeting issues with your next project, consider working with Indovance and our BIM services. You will be amazed by accurate cost estimates and reduced project time! Why go over your budget with errors in estimates when you can outsource BIM services with us!?

In addition, we also offer CAD outsourcing. Indovance can offer you quality designs and cost efficient work in a time efficient manner. Contact us today, to talk more about working with us and our outsourcing services. Your business will greatly benefit from help with project planning, designing and constructing.

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