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BIM SyncShare Blends with Autodesk Construction Cloud


New integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud has been added to the distributed cloud-based document management system BIM SyncShare.

Construction files can now be imported straight into BIM SyncShare from Autodesk Docs, Autodesk Build, or BIM 360 by project teams.

Project stakeholders can establish shared working folders using BIM SyncShare to transfer files between internal servers and numerous external cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

Users can also invite collaborators to a project who can be given access to selected working folders. This allows the collaborators to always have access to the files they need when they need them.

BIM SyncShare

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BIM SyncShare is a distributed document management system with a cloud-based framework that lets teams seamlessly sync, access, and share the files they need.

BIM SyncShare enables you to unlock your cloud and local files instantly and automatically.

BIM SyncShare Features

  • Stay Connected – Organize teams across the world to ensure global production. functioning directories that can be accessed that coordinate and share files between different internal and external destinations. 
  • Easy Access – Easily access all of your local server and cloud files through a single shared project site. Create working folders on a single platform to transfer data between internal servers and remote destinations, such as Autodesk Construction Cloud and Google Drive.
  • Synchronize Data – Your files can be effortlessly synchronized across internal servers and external cloud hosting services.

Customize and automate the synchronization process between all of your working folders. Possess the knowledge that your team members are constantly in sync and using the most recent versions of the documents.

  • Collaborate & Communicate – Invite team members and provide them with immediate access to all the files they require.

For the best project organization, provide team members access to collaborative working folders. As projects are finished more quickly and cost-effectively, time and expense are reduced.

“Having a wide range of construction stakeholders leads to a multiplicity of different software solutions on any one project, impacting efficiency, accuracy, and project complexity,” said James Cook, director, partner integrations, Autodesk Construction Solutions.

The cloud-based platform of BIM SyncShare lowers the risks of complexity and delays by guaranteeing that teams are using the most recent files. Customers can achieve tighter cooperation and stronger alignment for projects that are completed on time and within budget thanks to the connection with Autodesk Construction Cloud across the most popular cloud storage tools.

According to Sarah Kostianos, founder of BIM SyncShare, “as remote collaboration has grown more common, it can be difficult for construction teams to organize file distribution and make sure everyone gets the knowledge they need to accomplish their work.” “BIM SyncShare can save partners time by ensuring they always have the most recent data rather than waiting on deliverables,” says one partner.

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