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BOMA International – Standards for commercial project space measurement

What is BOMA International?
Big commercial projects are often difficult to measure, and minor miscalculations can lead to a bigger problem for entities involved in the project. The entire project structure and allocation of spaces needs to be correct and rightly priced for respective space holder. Hence miscalculations in measurements can be tricky at times. So, how does concerned authority make sure, if measurements are taken in correct manner and all the basic things were taken into consideration?

Hence to reduce the complexity and make it simpler, BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) International published the standard methods for measuring floor area in commercial offices as a service to the commercial real estate industry and to public. These standard methods are certified by ANSI (American National Standards Institutes) of which BOMA International is a member and certified standard developer.

BOMA International defines method of measuring floor area of commercial office buildings and typically used by the building owners, managers, facility managers, occupants, appraisers, design professionals, measurement professionals, leasing professionals and lending institutes to compute rentable area of the office in US, Canada & some other countries.

Purpose of the BOMA Publications –

  • To permit clear communication among all participants in the commercial real estate industry.
  • To foster consistent, unambiguous measurement of rentable area.
  • To allow comparison of values based on a clearly understood and generally agreed upon method of measurement.
  • To measure space in both existing and new office buildings.

This standard takes a building-wide approach to the measurement of floor area, providing a common basis for measuring not only space that is used exclusively by occupants but also space that benefits all occupants and the allocation thereof to occupants.

Methods of Measurement –
Method AThis standard offers two measurement methods to choose from: The Legacy Method and the Single Load Factor Method. Both methods produce the same building total rentable area of any building. Both methods utilize similar space classifications and boundaries. They differ in the following respects:

Method A (Legacy Method) –
It calculates the rentable areas of the building and each of its floor levels using a methodology that continues many features of the predecessor standard, ANSI/BOMA 1996, such as the floor R/U ratio and the building R/U ratio. While many terms have changed, the general methodology is similar to the predecessor standard with the primary exception being that the application of the floor R/U ratio to building service areas has been discontinued, resulting in slightly different R/U rations and rentable areas.

Method B

Method B (Single Load Factor Method) –
It’s a new class of space, base building circulation and a revised global summary of areas to redistribute the rentable area of the building across its floor levels in a manner that produces an identical load factor on all floor levels of the building. It assumes that base building circulation exists on all floor levels of a building whether they have multiple occupants or a single occupant. This method requires diligent on-going documentation (using tools such as CAD) of base building circulation and extended circulation but may offer leasing advantages and more stability over time in the rentable area of a building.

When applying this standard to measure a building, one must choose and apply between the above stated methods to the entire building. The two methods can not be applied simultaneously within the same building.

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