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CAD: A tool that changed the engineering and things that we see today

If you ask any engineer of yesteryear about the change in the engineering methods and the applications, they would unanimously agree that engineering has gone through a lot of changes. The technology has been changing rapidly since then, agreed. But, we if dig a little deeper, we will realize that CAD has played a crucial role in bringing about the change in the engineering.

In the good old days, the engineering was an expensive business. All the drawings and designs were prepared on paper manually. And for one minor change, guess what? Rework. Just staring everything from the scratch. And it was quite a thing to follow this practice that consumed a lot of time. Plus, all the money that is running on the resources. So, quite a costly affair, isn’t it?

CAD just takes care of these things very smoothly, changes can be accommodated easily without any rework. So, this definitely is saving a lot of bucks. Wow! We should also give the due credits to the accuracy. Accuracy is one important parameter to be factored because we can see a great precision with CAD.

For engineers working at two different remote location, technologies such as BIM help in communicating effectively without wasting any time on the travel, and this is certainly a bliss, isn’t it? Networking has been made a lot easier with CAD in engineering. If we look at other possibilities, we will know that the modern software have made drawing 3D sketches very easy. We can safely say CAD has altogether given a new dimension to the engineering. 3D representations have become much more realistic than ever.

So, things (designs, structures) that we see today, mostly we owe that to the CAD. We are not ruling out the development, but, the pace of the development would have been painfully slow without CAD. Even today, companies using CAD are doing better and faster.

With time, money and efforts, one thing that always runs in the background is quality. The quality of work with CAD is just amazing and can always be looked up to. CAD has just brilliantly empowered the engineering with the visualization. Now, people can build virtual structures even before the actual work on the ground has begun.

There are some remarkable software such as Revit where changes are incorporated very easily and also reflected instantly. And firms leveraging on such software and technology are growing by manifold. Indovance is one such firm that helps other firms to outsource the CAD drafting and designing solutions. We have been one of the best outsourcing leader in design and drafting industry. Many top firms have partnered with Indovance for outsourcing and have leveraged upon the strength to grow exponentially. Indovance has a proven track record of turning projects in low time without compromising on the quality.

And the best thing is, we support top notch software required for the projects.

If you plan to grow further with CAD drafting and drawing, Indovance can be the perfect partner that you are looking for.

Ask for a trial period, Or contact our sales team at: +1 919-238-4044

For more information, reach at us: [email protected] or log on to: www.indovance.com

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