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How Has CAD Drawing Services Changed The Engineering Industry?

 cad drawing servicesCAD drawing services has changed the engineering industry in many ways, but all for the better. Those who use CAD outsourcing services for engineering find that they’re more profitable and successful. Below, you’ll find several more reasons how CAD has changed the engineering industry.

How Has CAD Drawing Services Changed the Engineering Industry?

Realistic Drafting. Before CAD, all drafts were drawn by hand. This means that all models and drafts were 2D (2 Dimensional). In order to make sure the structures were drafted properly multiple drawings were required to depict all sides of the model.

Today, CAD software helps eliminate the hand-drawn drafts. With the use of CAD, engineers are able to create 3D (3 Dimensional) simulations of all drafts – whether it be a machine component, structure or other type of model. There’s even an option to take a virtual 3D tour of the structures being drafted with CAD.

Networking Capabilities. Before CAD software, engineers had trouble saving and transferring files without worrying whether or not they’d become lost or degraded. Now, with the help of CAD applications like BIM (Building Information Modeling), engineers are able to store their work and findings in a system that saves and transfers files without any complications. Multiple engineers can locate this information and work on a project using the views, tools and access for the same project.

Job Opportunities. Engineers can be expensive, and rightfully so. Their skill set and expertise is incomparable. Unfortunately, small businesses can’t afford to hire engineers, in-house and pay them what they’re worth. That’s where CAD outsourcing has come into play.  CAD has created thousands of jobs for engineers today, so that they’re working in a place that offers specialized programs so they’re able to learn to use CAD.

Cost Efficiency. Engineering drafting by hand is an expensive and time consuming task. Today, CAD has offered a way for engineers to increase productivity in drafting, as well as eliminated the need for additional materials while drafting like drafting paper, drawing sets and more.

Precision. CAD drawing services software offers engineers a way to draw and create projects without error. CAD offers application tool to with measuring angles and lines with complete accuracy. Spending time correcting wrong dimensions and reworking is eliminated with CAD software.

Simplification of the job, unmatched precision and cost efficiency when using CAD are just a few of the benefits offered when you outsource your engineering needs. Contact Indovance today, to learn more about CAD outsourcing and how you can take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer!

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