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Benefits of CAD drawing services in Architectural design

Benefits of CAD Drawing Services in Architectural Design

Architects frequently trust models and of their projects to help with the work. With the help of CAD, architects are able to improve productivity, as well as, the aesthetics of their designs. CAD offers many benefits in architectural design, today, as the data storing advantages, 3D modeling and more can help the designers in every aspect of their overall project. Below, you’ll find some of the most beneficial advantages of using CAD drawing services to help with your architectural designs.

Data Storage

Unlike manual drafting for architectural design, CAD drafting files do not need to be stored in folders. CAD drafting files are saved on a computer server. In addition, the likelihood of drafting being lost with CAD is much lower than manual drafting. CAD drawings are paperless and electronically saved, adding an Eco-friendly element, as well.


Because CAD drafting work is stored on a computer server, the ability to access the information anywhere there’s an internet connection is possible.

3D Viewing

The best way to represent a structure is through a 3D drawing. While drafting a 3D model manually is possible, it’s not as realistic as one that an AutoCAD program can produce. The visualization process via AutoCAD programs brings projects to life, helping the overall visualization process most architectural designs go through.

AutoCAD software creates 3D models easily while manually created models take much more time, consideration and effort, leaving the architect feeling tired and overly challenged.


Drawing on paper can be a difficult challenge when modifications and reworks come into play. Oftentimes, architects have to restart a drawing when a mistake is made or when something needs to be revised. With CAD, modifications are done easily with editing tools that work well to shorten the time spent on things that need revised. CAD allows you to delete, undo or redo with one click of a mouse button while manual drawings leave you re-drawing anytime there’s an issue or need for modification.


Designed to help architects work faster and easier, all while saving significantly on time, our CAD drawing services is great for companies that don’t have the time or manpower to do specific architectural designs in a timely manner.

  • Speed
  • CAD can help speed many tasks up for architects, including:
  • Reports
  • Scaling
  • Drawing each and every line when drafting
  • Preparing bill of materials

CAD software also helps to eliminate the need for reiterations. This alone speeds the process up considerably.


Manual drafting opens the door for various mistakes and issues for all architectural designs. Objects drawn must be aligned properly to the correct scale. It’s often difficult to do manually and, as we’ve mentioned, is very challenging and time consuming. CAD also offers the ability to save exact dimensions for projects so that errors are avoided and accuracy is increased substantially.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of all the benefits CAD has to offer you, feel free to contact Indovance to talk with us further about the benefits of our CAD drawing services in architectural design.

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