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CAD drawing Tips

CAD Drawing Tips

CAD drawing is great for architects, engineers and others that need assistance with drawing extensive designs. Below, our experts offer you a few tips that should help those just starting out with CAD drawing.

CAD Drawing Tips

Block Library – Building an elaborate, detailed block library is the important when using CAD to assist your drawing. A block library allows you to save layouts, templates and free blocks so that they’re available to use whenever you need them. This saves time when CAD drawing and can be saved right on your PC or external hard drive!

Drawing – There are several tips that can help you learn the ins and outs of CAD and how well it can assist you in your drafting and drawing. The biggest thing to remember is: Don’t draw the same thing twice. While this tip might seem odd, it’s actually very useful. For example, you draw a perfect bathroom layout and like the overall design. Instead of using it once and then throwing it out, save it into your block library to use as many times as you need it! Perfect drawings are great for blocks. They save time and allow you to build on the layout each time you use it. While you won’t use the exact same layout each time, you will be able to use its layers and line types to help trim and stretch to fit your current projects drawings!

Templates – There are specific drawings that you’ll  probably need to duplicate frequently while using CAD. Taking time to do a quick rough draft of these objects can be a great way to get a head start on your block library. When drawing the templates, be sure to do only a rough draft. Leave the details for later and only draw basic outlines and layouts of the designs. Once these templates are saved as blocks, you can use them time and time again, saving even more time!

Template Model File – In addition to having templates for layouts, consider having a file where you save models, as well. You can add lines, text types, dimension styles, layers, standard windows and more. Again, once you start a new project, you won’t have to spend time drawing these standard needed objects. You can use the model file and then add details where they’re needed.

How To Outsource CAD Projects

We hope these CAD drawing tips help you with your projects! If you’re interested in talking more with Indovance about how you can outsource CAD needs to us for drawing and drafting projects, please call us today! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook by clicking here.

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