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Why CAD is Used Instead of Manual Drafting?

CAD Drafting ServicesWidely accepted across the nation, CAD (Computer Aided Design) is used in the place of manual drafting for various reasons. Those that don’t currently use CAD tools might wonder why the software is so popular. They might also find it hard to believe that designers might use it over manual drafting.

As we mentioned, there are multiple reasons why CAD drafting services are more accepted and used than manual drafting. Below, you’ll find several of the most common reasons.

3D Modeling – This benefit speaks for itself. Can you imagine how exciting and useful creating 3D models can be?

Accessible – Learn, use and modify work with CAD easily, without worrying that the software is complicated! You’ll be able to learn how to use the software in no time!

Conservation – Traditional drafting is done on paper. Unfortunately, those drawings fade and become damaged over time. CAD data can be preserved and reproduced easily, virtually forever without any worry it will degrade over time.

Designing and Sharing – Sharing CAD files has never been easier. You’re able to work with a network that offers tons of benefits. In addition, designers that work with a team have the advantage of being able to share their drawings with members. They’re able to change and reference the designs, no matter where they are; at home or in the office!

Easily Re-Work – CAD drafting services save time and money by offering an easy way to re-work designs. No longer do you have to take days to re-draw something that needed modifying. These tools offer an effortless way to reproduce work in seconds.

Manageable – Manual drafting takes far more time and effort to produce. It can often become unmanageable and overwhelming, especially for complex designs. CAD drafting takes less time and is actually fun to do! No more overwhelming and stressful re-works or time consuming efforts.

Savings – No paper to draw on, no special pencils and pens to buy. This saves trees and money!

Security – Your files are safe with access control options offered on the software. You’re able to secure your drawings so that only you or others you choose can access or alter them.

Testing – You’re able to simulate 3D mechanisms with CAD tools! This is huge for designers who create prototypes that cost a lot.

As we said, there are multiple reasons why CAD drawing is far more popular than the manual way!

FREE CAD Drafting Services

If you’re still manually drawing, but want to take advantage of CAD, consider outsourcing all your business needs! Why not work with a company that can offer you quality, cost efficient work in a time efficient manner? Contact us today, to talk more about working with Indovance and our outsourcing services. In addition to CAD services, we are also proud to offer engineering outsourcing, BIM services and more! Our goal is to offer your business help with costly project planning, designing and constructing for less!

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