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CAD Users Plan to Use 3D Printing, but Not Right Now.

3d AutoCAD servicesBusiness Advantage Group (a telecom research firm) conducted a CAD software survey recently showing that software users aren’t using 3D printing to their advantage yet. The “2014 Worldwide CAD Trends Survey”, not only showcased how beneficial 3D printing can be for CAD users but also how many had made the transition to the new technology.

Those that use AutoCAD services and 3D printing together offered insight on the following:

63 percent saw improvements in their  design
54 percent saved time when designing
24 percent saved money on overall costs
38 percent had a faster turnaround time to market

As you can see, the advantages of combining AutoCAD services and 3D printing are quite significant. Saving time and money, as well as overall improvement of design quality is possible! So, why aren’t more CAD designers using this type of printing? It’s likely because 3D printing is still growing in popularity. Though it’s been around for twenty or more years, this type of printing is still evolving and getting its footing.

Another reason CAD users aren’t yet using 3D printing might be because of the initial, costly purchase. Sometimes, smaller businesses aren’t able to budget for an in-house printer. It’s hopeful that as technology evolves and 3D printing becomes even more popular, costs will even out and more CAD firms will be able to finance the cost.

How many CAD users take advantage of all the benefits offered by 3D printing? To date, only 14 percent are using 3D printing. Fortunately, there’s a projected growth of 21 percent by the end of 2015. Even more, 32 percent in growth usage is expected over the next five years.

Though CAD users aren’t taking advantage of 3D printing now, they will end up being the most adoptive of this technology in the near future. According to engineering.com, “designers probably aren’t representative of the general public, however, they do represent a vanguard that can engage others and help spur on further adoption of 3D printing by consumers interested in their products.”

Are you a CAD user that understands the benefits and uses of 3D printing? If so, how does it improve your productivity and design quality? Does it save you money and time, as well? We hope that all CAD users will eventually begin using this impressive technology to their favor.

Stay tuned to future blog posts, as we continue to report all the updated information on 3D printing and how it’s storming the nation!

Do You Need 3D AutoCAD Services?

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