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Is Cloud Computing Safe?

Microsoft and Google have been in a long-standing battle for some time, to not only beat each other in the earnings race but also to offer the best software. Google Apps or Microsoft Office 360? The question still remains as to which is best, but it seems that choosing one is mostly based on preference.

Aside from these long-running competitions between the two valuable companies, there is one thing they both agree on. Both companies believe that the cloud is secure enough to use without worry that information stored there will be breached.

At a press conference back in February of this year, Microsoft Chief Information Security Officer Bret Arsenault and Google Director of Security for Google Apps Eran Feigenbaum explained talked about their stance on using a cloud. They also talked in detail about how they feel about cloud security.

With them were a group of panelists, including independent security expert Bruce Schneier and Verizon Wireless’s data breach risk team expert, Wade Baker. This panel of experts really helped highlight the benefits and advantages of using cloud services. They also talked about why it’s OK to feel secure when using them.

Is the Cloud Safe?

Even with the positive input of experts that work with major corporations concerning the security of cloud services, those that do use it or refrain from using it still have serious concerns about whether or not it is actually safe.

In fact, a KPMG report states that cloud security is a top concern, even now. IT executives look for ways to reduce costs and look to the cloud to do that. Even with their need to lower overhead, the report mentions that 45% of respondents said data loss and data privacy were their top hesitations with regard to cloud incorporation.

There are a few things to think about when deciding whether or not the cloud is right for you. This year has brought on a few security risks for those using the cloud.

According to CloudWedge.com, back in June of this year, “Code Spaces was the victim of a cloud-jacking attack. Code Spaces reported that while it did have cloud-based backups, it did not have on-site backups and the attacker also destroyed all of the backup data as well. How did it happen? Perhaps a Code Spaces employee had malware on their machine and the password was stolen by hackers. Perhaps a public computer that had a key logger installed stole the password. Some even speculate that a social engineering attack occurred. Whatever the case, protecting the password of your cloud and using two-factor authentication methods is essential to protecting the privacy and integrity of your enterprise.”

It seems that using cloud services works well when you have on-site backups, malware protection, and firewalls. Using all of these things in combination with one another might be the only way to keep data safe. If you’re considering using the cloud, don’t hesitate to use other platforms to store and secure the data, as well.

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