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Cover Designs: Are they really the selling point?

Overview: The changing times

The importance of cover design for publishers has become less of an argument as the competition and potential sales revenue from publication sales has become obvious. Every publishing company now takes seriously the need to package and market their publication professionally, and cover designs are considered essential in the ever more competitive world. Bookstores display all the publications with their covers facing the reader. It’s the first thing a reader sees, their point of connection with the publication; the reason why they will pick up a book. Today, even the authors are recognized not only by the letters spelled out, but by the font, the style of cover, composition, the look ‘n feel of the publication.

How you should design the cover:

The cover of your publication is the piece of attraction, something that grabs your reader’s attention. It’s the design that portrays an accurate idea of what your book is all about. Here are few tips that you can follow to make better cover designs.

Be open-minded: More generic your cover idea is, the more it will create a successful design. If your cover idea is too detailed then you may have difficulty creating a design that looks professional; more importantly one that leaves an impression.

Don’t show too much: You might be tempted, at times, to show your publications main characters; highlighting points, on the cover but avoid this as far as possible. Most readers prefer to use their imagination to depict the story and characters in their head. Sometimes it is also difficult to find or create an image that lives up to your expectations.

Be strong ‘n symbolic: Avoid depicting a specific scene on the cover. A specific scene is often difficult to assemble and is usually not the best way to tell potential readers what your publication is about. Without the proper context, a specific scene may not have any meaning to your readers.

In Indovance, our designers are careful when it comes to cover page design. Our marketing principles are put forth while doing the same and sometimes our marketing managers intervene in the process to make the design more awesome. Indovance makes sure that the efforts are driven in the right direction for the flawless output.

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