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Differences Between Digital and Virtual Prototyping

Hello! Over the course of the past few blogs, we’ve been talking about two different types of prototyping, digital and virtual. Below, you’ll find a quick definition of the two. If your firm needs help with CAD drawing services, please continue reading to see how Indovance can help you!

Digital Prototyping

Digital prototyping is a new way to explore concepts of a product before it’s been built. It uses 3D CAD software to help with analysis and simulation. This technology allows designers and developers to optimize designs, validate them and then visualize the overall product before real prototypes come into play.

Virtual Prototyping

Virtual prototyping is a program that works with modeling, simulating and visualizing. It works under reality based operating and designing. The system also works well with CAD design and other  software solutions of the same nature. The application tests products virtually instead of physically.

In previous blog posts, we talked about each of these types separately. Today, we are going to talk about them together, showing the differences between them. Essentially, digital prototyping is used to construct and build things. Virtual prototyping is used to create animation.

Digital prototyping is used for the following:

  • Adding environment and graphics.
  • Adding real world valves to modeled parts that help engineering procedures, improves designs, cuts costs and removes things that aren’t needed.
  • Animating the digital model.
  • Better communication on every level of business.
  • Offers real world values to projects due to various software packages that can be used with this technology.
  • Housing endless amounts of information that can be used to build into the prototype without limitation.
  • Helping investors make a decision on whether or not they’d like to capitalize on a project.
  • Marketing products confidently using quality renderings from digital prototyping.
  • Offering an improved product concept to those that aren’t directly involved in the design process.
  • Optimizing results in 3D software.
  • Reducing costs for a variety of different non-development departments.

In turn, VP is used for the following:

  • Analyzing all aspects of the process before building takes place
  • Decreasing product development time
  • Eliminating the need for hardware that creates a real-life prototype
  • Exploring different design variations
  • Improving quality of product design
  • Lowering costs
  • Maximizing efficiency
  • Optimizing performance of object
  • Reducing time in all stages of production
  • Easily refining
  • Quick testing

By reading the lists above, you’ll find that while somewhat similar, the two different types are quite different. They’re used for different simulations and object testing. We hope this information, combined with what you’ll find in previous articles will help you understand the difference between the two.

Be an Industry Leader By Outsourcing CAD Drawing Services | Indovance

If you’re looking to streamline your product development and can’t decide which testing type will be best contact us.  Working with Indovance to utilize our CAD drawing services for digital prototyping or VP will offer great advantages. Simplifying your overall procedure is just one of the benefits! You’ll also increase productivity, be able to offer a more differentiated product and get them to market in record time. In addition, design changes are easy and errors are significantly reduced .

Why not consider the benefits of digital prototyping or VP to simulate products in action or animation without limiting your innovations or development cycles? If you’re interested in learning more about these outsourcing services to make things simpler and more effective contact Indovance today.

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