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Digital Publishing in US: Is this the future of publishing?

US PublishingPublishing in the modern era

Over the years the way we publish the written word may have changed; from incised in clay, to ink with a quill, to print using plates and presses. However, with the influx of digital media; publishing as electronic bits, your audience and market have become global. Publishing has always been at the heart of capturing and disseminating human knowledge, but with this digital age it is moving to dedicated e-readers, where information will be available on tablets and other digital devices. By 2016, such devices will be in the hands of 30% (or more) population in the developed nations. This new format will trigger a profound change in the publishing ecosystem and spark new trends in content creation itself.

The present state:

How often do you read something that’s digital? If you’re reading this news, then you’ve done it at least once for today. Every day, when you walk around a shopping mall, or sit in a restaurant, or at your college campus, you will notice that people all around you are tapping at their screens, their eyeballs assessing the information getting thrown at them as quickly as they ask for it. In modern times, you are on digital media almost by 24X7…that’s the present state.

Here are some interesting facts ‘n figures

Revenue and market share: In US, in the year 2012, magazines and newspaper publishing industry generated average 18% of their total revenue via digital publication. We are in 2016 now; you can imagine what must be the percentage now.

Trend: By 2012, over 45% of the publishers were planning to distribute over three quarters of their publications as e-books. By now, this percentage will be well over 60%.

Consumer attitude: In spite of the outburst of digital media, 70 percent of Americans still prefer reading from paper and spent significantly more time with paper publications than they do with digital. Nearly 40 percent of those, who read digitally share electronic issues with family and friends and over 60 percent believe they should be able to loan content if they buy a digital subscription.

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