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Does trial projects ease the outsourcing process?

The best way to establish a healthy relation with your customers is providing your pocketful of services to them, but how to lure and keep your leads as your happy turning customers?

In today’s world, the most happening way is to provide them with a Free Trial, but many companies have a question, that, is it really worth to offer a free trial…?

The answer is definitely, Yes. With a free trial, you can exhibit your skills to your customers and apart from that, your customers can analyze your work. They can easily decide, what kind of quality you are giving them out.

In short, it’s a win-win situation for both

does-trial-projects-ease-the-outsourcing-process_2-pngVery few people give money to people to try out something which actually works…as per Kenn Devane, president and CEO of MineTech, so, you have to scatter free trials, no matter what. Free trials were already given by various renowned companies who are now flourishing well in terms of sales.

They are worth your investment. Hence you should make your customers happy with your services. Companies like BurgerKing once connected with MasterCard to offer free meals to customers using cards quite often.

The only thing to keep in mind is where to display this free service, and in front of whom. This answer, once got, can take your business to desirable heights. Your free service should be given to those, who can spread your work on the internet or will post positive reviews about your work done. It has been proved that 16.5% of the customers tell others about the free service which they like.

Your Customer is Your Key to Maximized ROI

More leads, more customers, more ROI. Happy customers are returning customers, they will spend more, once they liked your free trial.

After providing a free trial, you can give them some 15% discount on your first service. later they will definitely want to work with you, if you provided them with an advantageous service.

Stop nagging if you are providing free trials but learn to explore your products more!! Rectify product functions from the feedback given by the customers, either good or bad.

Why to Opt Free Trial

You can create a buzz everywhere on social media about your giveaways. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, can be the best ways through which you can tell your audience about your services.


Create a positive branding effect on customers by making your brand to be the most happening one in terms of services, and working culture.

Provide Something Better Than Your Competitors

Unique selling points are not always going to help you out in convincing your customers, sometimes you have to provide a risk free trial too. You can then convert your competitor’s customer into your brand follower.

Indovance is providing free trials to their customers, and the results are proven with their testimonials. We are the best outsourcing firm having customers in different locations of the world, there words make us an outsourcing firm which provides free trial with full benefits and results.

For more queries and free trial projects, contact us at [email protected] or

call us directly on +1 800 929-8120

Our sales team will get back to you shortly…

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