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The Future of 3D Printing

The Future of 3D Printing

The future of 3D printing is here and it’s been inspired by the hit movie, Terminator 2. This new type of 3D printing is described as a continuous liquid interfacing production that prints continuously, to form a new object, according to the scientists who created the new technology. The scientists are from the University of North Carolina and they expect the 3D printing invention to take mere minutes instead of the typical hours 3D printers now take.

The new technology could bring serious benefits to those looking to make a change in the way they manufacture products. In addition to the quick production process, this new 3D printer will also allow users to make changes to the designs easily, as well as customize the software used. Instead of using specific manufacturing machines for each type of product, this 3D printer can be switched out and used for multiple types of products.

There are a few different types of existing 3D printers, but they mostly work via the same principle: a printing head passes over a platform over and over, depositing layer after layer of a material like plastic in a precise pattern. Over time, these layers combine to form the desired object — much like a paper printer forms text on a page by putting down row after row of ink.

3D printers are known for their layered approach to creating an object. The new printer will do away with layers, completely. Instead of layering the materials during construction, the object will be drawn, continuously out of a pool of liquid resin.

An ultraviolet light will help solidify the resin and will also work as a blade to sculpt products. The UV light will work in a series of cross-sectional patterns that mimic the image of the desired object.

As of now, this new 3D printer is a prototype that has yet to be used to build products for an actual market. In addition, it is unclear how much they’ll cost, even though they’re expected to hit markets this time next year.

Continual 3D printing will be popular, once it is released because it’s a way to customize objects by altering software, not the machine itself. It’s also much quicker than conventional 3D printing and offers a great alternative for those that want the benefits of 3D printing without having to wait hours.

As we learn more about this new technology continual 3D printer, we will keep you updated! It’s an exciting invention that will change the future of 3D printing!

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