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Hershey and PepsiCo used 3D printing to make food

Hershey and PepsiCo Used 3D Printing to Make Food

You can add snack foods to the list of things being created using 3D printers. Both Hershey and PepsiCo have developed new foods using the groundbreaking technology. If you need help with 3D CAD design services, please call Indovance for a free estimate.

Deep-Ridged Potato Chips

In 2011, PepsiCo, the company who owns Frito-Lay, decided that they wanted to create a hearty, deep ridged potato chip. They put together a group of researchers called the Deep Ridged Team to make it a reality.

The team wanted to create a 3D experience without making the chip any thicker. After deciding on a design, which has a more pronounced corrugation pattern and ridges that are twice as deep as a regular ruffled chip, they realized they might not be able to make them using their current equipment. The new design couldn’t be cut with the blades in their equipment because it sliced them too thin. There was also concern about how to cook the chips so they would retain their original structure.

Several prototypes were made using French fry slicers, but they didn’t hold up when they were cooked. The chips had irregular edges and sharp peaks that may have been hazardous to eat.

They then turned to 3D printing technology to create over two dozen prototypes with different degrees of ridges and thickness.  Each one was tested in focus groups who gave feedback on their design, look and feel. They narrowed down the prototypes based on the groups’ feedback so they could have new blades created that would cut the most popular designs. After more testing and tweaking, they were able to create a process of cutting and cooking the chips that gave them the results they wanted.  It’s currently being used exclusively by them.

The chips are available in more than 20 countries with plans for more launches in 2015.

Hershey’s 3D Chocolate

Late last year, Hershey’s introduced their 3D chocolate candy printing exhibit at the Hershey’s Chocolate World Attraction and have since taken it on the road. The exhibit shows how the CocoJet 3D printer can create designs that are turned into a chocolate replica. They have a library of designs preloaded on iPads that can be scanned to see what they’d look like if they were printed in chocolate.

The printer is manufactured by 3D Systems, a pioneer in 3D printing.

Chuck Hull, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, said “Our partnership with Hershey, the largest producer of quality chocolate in North America and a global leader in chocolate and confections, allows us to create unique, exciting and personalized edible experiences, and this is a great way to showcase the power and possibilities of 3-D printing.”

Hershey’s has been visiting conferences and exhibits across the U.S. They hope to get feedback from participants on preferences and product design.

The information will be used to create the design and business model for a commercial 3D chocolate printer.

“We are committed to democratizing 3-D printing, making this game-changing technology accessible and engaging for everyone,” said Hull.

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