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How 3D AutoCAD Services Help Transportation Design

3D AutoCAD ServicesThe costs involved in designing and manufacturing an automobile can be greatly reduced by outsourcing AutoCAD work to a team of specialists.  When more emphasis is placed on improving designs and the quality of the product through the use of AutoCAD services, the cycle between initial concept and development is shorter, giving a company a higher level of productivity.

Outsourcing AutoCAD services is a practical solution because the manufacturer doesn’t have to keep up with costs of training employees and updating software.  Their team can focus on product development and allow the CAD experts to do the “behind-the-scenes” work. Both parties are able to focus on what they do best – whether it’s the business side or the technical side.

Automotive manufacturers who use CAD are also able to design complex machines without the need for a prototype before they have decided on the final version. The parts of a design can be manipulated quickly and easily, and can be shown how they will function as a complete system. Using 2D mockups and 3D modeling can help in seeing how the vehicle will perform overall before a prototype is created. Once a final product is approved, they can create a prototype for additional testing using the CAD models. The prototypes will need less re-configuring because the bulk of the work has already been done using CAD.

Other ways outsourcing AutoCAD work can beneficial include:

● Shorter phase of development

● Reduction in labor costs

● Parts developed without the need for expensive prototypes

● Reduction in design and product flaws and errors

● Fewer changes once designs are in production

● Fewer product reworks

● Reduce part variability

● Improvement in assembly tolerances

One of the ways Volkswagen was able to become a leading automotive manufacturer was its willingness to outsource its AutoCAD work. The company put more emphasis into its design concepts but brought on a team of experts able to work out their ideas quickly using CAD tools.

Manufacturers are interested in two concepts for automobile parts: looks and functionality. Through use of CAD models, both can be created and tested easily, allowing a company to spend less time on each step of the manufacturing process, giving them a shorter timeframe in getting new cars on the market. When the designs reach the manufacturing stage, the designs are inputted into the assembly machine so that they can be created according to the final designs.

Some believe that AutoCAD experts who are able to focus solely on designs and not on the business end of things are able to be more creative and provide better solutions to automotive design issues. So, in addition to savings in time and costs, transportation companies who outsource AutoCAD could have an edge on developing the newest and best vehicles, which can help them move up in the competitive world of automobiles.


When making the decision to outsource, knowing you’re selecting the right partner for your business can make it even easier. That’s why choosing Indovance – one of the top CAD drafting services companies in the world – should be a no-brainer. We offer 3D AutoCAD services, BIM, architecture services and more. Our goal is to provide you with cost efficient, quality, and timely results. Call us today to learn more about the benefits we offer to businesses that want to grow and succeed at new levels, while lowering overhead costs and gaining profitability.

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