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How an Apt Cover Design Can Get You More Readers?


‘Do not judge a book by its cover.’ Well, we have heard this phrase too many times. But, do we actually follow this? I don’t think so, well honestly, even I do get judgmental with the cover designs. Most of us do. Nothing wrong with that, after all, cover designs are there for a reason.

Cover designs are there to entice people into buying/reading your book. If this is true, people are judging the book by its cover, and this is completely A-Okay. Cover designs should be appealing to the target audience. Not just appealing, but they should also have the power to make the reader devote his time and money to the entire book/magazine.

Cover designs should have a great visual impact and also have a clear message for the readers. It should connect to the target audience immediately. And when the target audience can identify with your cover design, they will buy. You must be wondering about the importance of the content then. Content and cover design are two different things but that doesn’t mean that only one amongst the both has to be important.

Let me explain, your cover design will sell the book. But, your content will serve the purpose of the reader. Better content will have better readability and earn you a good reputation. Both have to be equally important. Period. Honestly, I have chosen not to read some books because the cover designs did not appeal to me in the first place. The same holds true for a magazine. People will care to read the book, only if the cover design can manage to draw their attention.

If you are planning to have a cover design made, you should be probably thinking along similar lines. Will it appeal? Can it sell the book? We do realize that cover designing is like packaging. And the right packaging can do wonders? Most of us are a little shy when it comes to pitching our products. And hence, it becomes very important to consult someone who holds expertise in the domain.

Everyone needs a good cover design unless they are J.K Rowling. If you are looking for a partner who could get you some cool cover designs for you, then Indovance can help you sail through. Indovance is an active outsourcing partner for many publishing firms. Indovance can design covers that can help you a lot in selling or getting more readership.

Indovance does a great value addition with its publishing expertise (pagination and typesetting), especially when it comes to cover design. We have the best software to make things smooth. So if you are wondering about getting more readers, then reach out to Indovance for cover designs that will not only allure to the audience but also will make them read the whole book. So ready for the action?

You can contact our Sales Team at +1 919 238-4044.

For more information, log on to: www.indovance.com    Or drop an e-mail at: [email protected]

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