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How Reverse Engineering Differs from Other Types of Engineering

Engineering is the design and development of products and structures. Within that field, there are two types of engineering: forward engineering and reverse engineering.

Let’s take a look at each one. If your company needs affordable engineering outsourcing services, continue reading to see how Indovance can help you!

Differences Between Reverse and Forward Engineering

Forward engineering is the traditional form of engineering. It uses the logical path of creating abstract designs of a product or infrastructure in order to create the physical manifestation of it. Developers with brand new designs use forward engineering to create their products using this standard method of developing the idea on paper, then moving on to creating a prototype, then eventually creating the final product.

For example, a company may have an idea for a new design of an engine for a lawn mower. The team would start with a sketch of the engine; then add the components it needs to make it function. They would then probably tweak it to make it better, then move on to creating a model of it. The model would be tested and modified until they are satisfied with their results. The engine’s designs would then be sent to the manufacturing facility to be created. In this case the product was developed using forward engineering.

Reverse engineering is the opposite of forward engineering. A product that was already developed is examined and broken down in order to duplicate it. Once the design of the original product or system is figured out, it can be remanufactured.

There are many reasons for reverse engineering. It is often used by competing manufactures in order to keep up with advances their competitors may be making. For example, another lawn mower company may take that engine built above and disassemble it to find out how it was made so that they can start making them, too.

It is common in automotive, computer software, chemicals and electronics for manufacturers to reverse engineer new products so that they can stay competitive with other companies. Once they learn how it works, they can build a model themselves, or even try to improve upon it to have an even better advantage. They can also use their designs based on the original to defeat a patent the original creator may try to secure in order to be the named the sole, legal manufacturer of a product.

Reverse engineering is not only used for product development. It can also be used in civil engineering. Building and bridge designs are copied from past structures that held up well so that new ones will have a better chance of not failing. It is also used on computer software development. The code for many successful applications is often based on previous code.

This type of engineering is not only used to duplicate new designs. It’s also used when old designs are no longer manufactured, but the need it still there. A company can begin creating a product that its former company stopped producing in order to meet market demand. It is also done when proper instructions aren’t available anymore in order to create guidelines for a product’s development, or in cases when documentation was never available. Reverse engineering is also used when parts for a product are needed, but the original manufacturer no longer makes them.

There are many reasons reverse engineering is a valuable form of design in the engineering world. Sometimes reinventing the wheel is not necessary; you just need to know how to recreate one.

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