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How Signage Can Help Your Business Grow

Trying to attract the potential customers but not sure what would be the best possible way of doing so? Consider outdoor signage to help grow your business. It is an effective way to attract customers off the street as well as keep current ones remembering your company ahead of your competitors. Signage is a great marketing tool that won’t leave you feeling that you’ve overspent on advertising without any return.

Business signage helps your company communicate with the world walking or driving around it. It attracts new customers, creates impulse sales and builds your brand.

While gaining new attention and converting your leads to actual sales, building a brand is important as well. This will set the bar for what your clients expect as they walk in the door. They’ll know how reliable your company is, and the sign will only reinforce that thought.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America states that “expenditure on outdoor advertising reached over $6 billion.” That’s a lot of signage! More than 2,000 companies that work from a storefront, took full advantage of this marketing tool and all it has to offer. Whether it was small businesses, media corporations or family owned stores the companies used signs to benefit their customers.

Why use signage for marketing over other media advertising?

  • TV reaches a smaller audience that see tons of advertisements throughout the time they’re watching. Many skip the ads, rather than watching them, because of new technology that allows them to do so.
  • Radio ads only reach those that are traveling and have no impact, visually.
  • Available for only a short time, magazines and newspaper ads have niche markets that won’t reach many target audiences.

Trusting a well designed sign outdoors will help reach targets and newcomers. It’s important to realize that. The sign will be seen every day, for those who travel past it on their way to work, school or home. They’ll notice it and remember.

There are several different kind of signs and possible placements, but the following are most common and well received by consumers:

  • Billboards
  • Street Furniture
  • Transit
  • Storefront

With this in mind, the sky is the limit. You’re able to have a sign created and display it not only outside your business, but also on a city bus, park bench or billboard. Depending on your budget, you’ll be able to ensure you outdoor sign is seen in various places.

We hope this information helps you realize how signage can help grow your business. This marketing tool is one that works well to ensure your brand, logo and company name is visible to all.

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