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HP SitePrint Transforming the Construction Industry with Robotic Layout Solutions


Discover HP’s construction layout robotic solutions and revolutionize the way your construction site layouts are created. 

HP has introduced HP SitePrint, a self-contained robot that prints site maps directly onto the ground at construction sites. The three-wheeled robot, which increases productivity by up to ten times, can print precisely in a small amount of time compared to the manual layout. 

Construction companies can increase productivity by adopting technology and digitizing more, according to Daniel Martnez, VP and General Manager of HP Large Format Printing. ‘Over the past thirty years, HP has been a key player in bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds with print solutions for architects and engineers. With HP SitePrint, we’re enabling construction professionals to bring ideas to life on the job site more quickly and easily than ever before, while also improving layout accuracy and lowering rework costs.’ 

Let’s take a look at HP’s SitePrint, a Robotic Layout Solution for Prompt, Precise, and Simple digital layouts. 

HP SitePrint – Get Digital Layouts on the Go 

HP SitePrint is able to perform precise positioning and navigation by connecting to a Robotic Total Station. The robot is directed by the Leica TS16 and Leica iCON iCR80 Robotic Total Stations thanks to a partnership with Leica Geosystems. Additionally, HP and Topcon are working together to integrate HP SitePrint with the Topcon Layout Navigator and GT Robotic Total Stations. HP has not made any accuracy guarantees. 

The HP robot is built to withstand the harsh environment of a construction site. It can print text, lines, and arcs on a variety of surfaces, including porous ones like concrete, tarmac, plywood, and pavement as well as non-porous ones like terrazzo, vinyl, and epoxy. According to HP, the robot is small and light, and it can be transported in a hard case that can accommodate all the solution’s components. 

A portfolio of inks for various surfaces, climates, and durability requirements is also included, along with a touchscreen tablet for remote control and configuration. Two batteries, one for each battery in the HP SitePrint, allow for up to four hours of continuous construction layout. 

HP SitePrint – Key Features and Benefits  

  • Boost Site Productivity – Leverage autonomous technology to lower layout and labor costs. Printing out information will save time, improve on-site information, and free up expertise to be used elsewhere. 
  • Precise Site Layouts – Complete each task accurately. With HP SitePrint you can rely on the precise, accurate execution of intricate layouts. 
  • Ease of Use – Easily manage projects with a comprehensive construction layout management solution. Comes with a tablet and a touch screen for configuration and remote control. 
  • Cloud Capabilities – Cloud tools for managing the fleet, submitting, and preparing jobs for printing, and tracking usage. 
  • Rugged & Robust – A robust, autonomous robotic system built to function on a construction site. HP SitePrint includes a hard case that can fit all the solution components and is lightweight and portable. 

HP SitePrint was created for autonomous operation, including obstacle avoidance, and can boost site layout productivity. Its text printing capabilities bring additional data from the digital model to the construction site, improving communication between construction professionals. It can print lines and complex objects with pinpoint accuracy and consistent repeatability. 

HP SitePrint – Construction Industry Adoption 

Skanska is a global construction and development company that is currently using HP SitePrint on two significant US projects.  

According to Albert Zulps, Director of Emerging Technology at Skanska, the manual layout process that is currently used can be labor- and time-intensive. Despite the fact that it is being done by experts, human error is always possible and can lead to expensive reworks. 

‘Layout experts are a limited resource that significantly contributes to planning and strategy but frequently spend the majority of their time performing manual tasks. We can DO MORE with LESS, thanks to HP SitePrint because it has a much quicker layout process and frees up senior operators to work on more important tasks like quality control.’ 

HP SitePrint – Pilot Projects and Early Access Program 

HP SitePrint has been meticulously tested in a variety of environments, including residential, parking, airport, and hospital projects, through more than 80 pilot projects to date worldwide.  

Customers in North America will have access to HP SitePrint as part of the Early Access Program from September 2022. For 2023, the finished product and a wider commercial launch are scheduled. 

HP and Leica Geosystems, a division of Hexagon, have worked in collaboration to integrate HP SitePrint with the Leica TS16 and Leica iCON iCR80 Robotic Total Stations to deliver high performance and a distinctive user experience,  

HP and Topcon are also working together in order to integrate HP SitePrint with the Topcon Layout Navigator and GT Robotic Total Stations. 

Construction is Changing – Be a Part of the Change 

According to McKinsey, At $11.4 trillion, the construction industry accounts for 13% of global GDP and has experienced steady growth of 3.5% CAGR. Despite this, the industry still faces productivity and human resource problems. while manufacturing labor productivity has increased by an average of 3.6% annually over the past two decades, the construction industry has only experienced a 1% increase during that same time.  

HP’s innovative layout solutions are paving way for Automation and Digitization in the Global Construction industries. 

Projects are expedited without mistakes or do-overs thanks to a combination of HP printing expertise and robotics technology. 

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