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The Importance of AutoCAD to a Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Design ServicesMechanical engineering is needed in many businesses and industries for one reason or another. They plan and design mechanical objects like robots, engines, refrigeration and more. Their job is to create initial designs and fix problems in the design before it’s produced. One of the biggest assets to a mechanical engineer and the process of planning and designing is AutoCAD.

What is AutoCAD?

CAD stands for “Computer Aided Design.” AutoCAD is a software solution that aids the design process of two and three dimensional designs. The software is produced by a company called AutoDesk.

According to a General Electric survey, 60 percent of manufactured parts errors were related to incomplete, ambiguous or impossible drafts — problems easily corrected with the support of software like AutoCAD.

This is important to a mechanical engineer because there’s really no room for error in the end product. AutoCAD eliminates the issues so that the final product is perfect.

According to work.chron.com, “At the earliest stages of a design project, mechanical engineers can use AutoCAD to start sketching ideas and analyzing them to determine the best solution for a given problem. The software makes the process quick and easy; it eliminates the need to draw new blueprints for each version of an idea and simplifies redesigns. The software additionally helps interpret these designs, locating flaws, errors and inconsistencies the mechanical engineer might miss. Alternatively, the mechanical engineer can use AutoCAD to determine the source of a malfunction in an existing product by putting in the specifications and allowing the software to find the problem, allowing the engineer to be more efficient by going straight to the problem and finding a fix.”

AutoCAD is also important for mechanical engineers as it offers a time efficient and productive way to do the following:

  • Define the functionality of a part or machine in extreme environments or under high-stress conditions difficult to test outside simulation
  • Document the effects of changes in materials and dimensions easily
  • Produce useful qualifications and give clients exactly what they need in an efficient time frame.
  • Quicker testing
  • Simplify the prototyping process by including simulations of how products will operate under certain conditions
  • Simulate an assortment of environments and stresses upon a prototype

AutoCAD can also help a mechanical design services company stick with a budget. The software offers the following benefits that help save money in the long run:

  • Cuts design time
  • Perform many tests quickly and simultaneously
  • No waiting times for variations
  • Responsive to change

Highly Affordable Mechanical Design Services | Indovance

Are you a business owner currently looking to hire an engineer but worried about what it might do to your overhead costs? Consider outsourcing your mechanical design services versus in-house hiring. You’ll get the best of both worlds without all the extra costs!

If you’ve thought about outsourcing for your engineering needs, it’s time to consider working with a company that can offer you quality, cost efficient work in a time efficient manner. Contact us today, to talk more about working with Indovance and our outsourcing services. Indovance is also proud to help your business to help with costly project planning, designing and constructing as well.

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