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Importance of Geographical Information Systems

Every day GIS powers something that affects you. From helping you navigate your city to predicting weather patterns to reporting data during power outages and natural disasters, this technology is a part of our lives.

So, what exactly is GIS? Let’s take a look below. If you need help with design, why not outsource drafting projects to Indovance? Let our resources save you time and money!

What GIS Is – Why It’s Important

GIS stands for geographic information systems. It’s software that analyzes, stores, and manipulates geographical information. It uses remote sensing technology to gather information as well as provide the mathematical and statistical tools needed to better understand the information. In simple terms, it connects data with geography so that you can see how it relates to other things. Some people have called it the “Encyclopedia of the Earth.”

The concept of geography has been revolutionized by GIS. It has broadened the scope of what people can do in the fields that use this technology. Some of the areas where GIS is used regularly include urban planning, logistics, archaeology, disaster and risk management, and criminology.

Within those fields, here are some examples of how it is used:

  • In mapping crime patterns to identify areas of high crime and trends
  • In developing best practices for waste management
  • In developing historical maps in order to piece together the history of an area
  • In planning for emergencies such as natural disasters or evacuations

How does it work?

GIS converts the longitude, latitude, and elevation coordinates onto a map so that the information is easier to understand. Other variables, such as zip codes and mile markers can also be included. Once these variables are established, they can be entered into the software. The information is converted into a format that generates a map of the location.

The data in the map represent real objects in the area like roads, distance, and elevation by incorporating rasters and vectors. A raster is a grid of x and y coordinates. A vector represents the points, lines, and polygons. When combined, both layers of information can represent detailed information about an area.

Why is it important?

GIS technology has been able to create advances in many sectors because of its ability to gather, store and analyze information in a format that is easier to understand and manipulate. It’s faster and more versatile than traditional GIS systems, which included drawing maps and data by hand. It is also mobile device friendly, which is important in accurately mapping areas.  GPS programs are based on GIS technology, which helps people get from one place to another. In the past, we relied on paper maps, but now we can plug an address into our GPS or smartphone app and get step-by-step directions.

It is also important in tracking how an area can change. Its ability to store information about topography and terrain can help scientists predict occurrences such as climate change or a natural disasters such as an avalanche.

GIS is also used in computer-aided drafting (CAD) services because it can provide data used for plans and surveys in the development of buildings, bridges, and highways.

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