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What Industries Use Digital Prototyping?

Digital prototyping is changing the way CAD design works in ways that are more amazing than some designers and developers will ever believe. As we stated in our previous blog post, this technology is a new way to explore concepts of a product before it’s been built. It uses 3D CAD software to help with analysis and simulation. It’s helping engineers work accurately and faster than ever. In addition, there are several more types of professionals that can benefit from it as well.

Below, you’ll find several industries that use this technology and learn how it improves their overall procedures. If you need help with design of any kind call Indovance. We’re an affordable CAD outsourcing services firm that is focused on your needs.

Industries That Use Digital Prototyping


Digital prototyping is changing the way this industry works. From creating 3D concepts, exploring new ideas and reviewing sketches to visual analysis, design ideas are accelerated and more accurate than ever.

In addition, this new technology helps to create models that are production-ready. Quality assurance and vehicle efficiency is increased and even better, concept approvals are faster and production efficiency is maximized.

Consumer Products

According to autodesk.com, you’re able to “create detailed digital models of your designs before they are real, improve product reliability by subjecting your design to the stress it will experience in the real world and gain early insight into a product’s manufacturability and cost before it ever leaves design.”

Industrial Machinery

This industry can use digital prototyping to create concepts that wow, collaborate and plan without error, as well as reduce manufacturing costs while increasing quality of products. Products are also created with the highest quality using renderings that can help advertise designs while they’re on the market.

Engineering and Design

This is one industry that might benefit the most from digital prototyping. Sketches and 3D models are second to none when they’re created with this type of technology. Engineers can also use it to ensure accuracy during every stage of the new product design and construction process.

Also accordinng to autodesk.com you’re able to “rapidly refine ideas via combined parametric, freeform, and direct editing tools and speed designs into production and design, visualize, and simulate products before releasing them to manufacturing.”  This will allow you to lower costs and increase speed during the pre-production phase.

We hope this information helps you understand this technology better! Do you think you could use it in your company? To learn more about digital prototyping and what it can do for you visit back with our previous blog soon!

Indovance Is the World’s Best CAD Outsourcing Services Firm! Call Today!

Streamlining your product development is easy when you’re working with Indovance. Taking advantage of the experts at our CAD outsourcing services firm for your digital prototyping needs helps to simplifying your overall procedure. You’ll increase productivity and be able to offer a more differentiated product as well as get them to market in record time. In addition, design changes are easy and errors are reduced significantly.

Why not consider the benefits of digital prototyping and making it easy to simulate products in action without limiting your innovations or development cycles? If you’re interested in learning more about outsourcing digital prototyping to make things simpler and more effective contact Indovance today.

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