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Intel Arc Pro A-series- – Professional Graphics Begins Here

Intel Arc Pro A-series- - Professional Graphics Begins Here

Intel’s eagerly anticipated discrete graphics family debuts at Siggraph 2022. 

Introducing Intel Arc Pro A-Series Graphics, a line of professional GPUs. With integrated ray tracing technology, graphics acceleration, and machine learning capabilities, Intel Arc graphics combines fluid viewports with cutting-edge visual technologies and rich content creation for both mobile and desktop form factors. 

With hardware ray tracing built-in, these entry-level GPUs appear well suited to CAD and BIM processes both today and in the future. 

Professional Graphics Begins Here 

Driver certification and optimization are crucial for professional workstations. In the AEC, design, and manufacturing industries, Intel has claimed that it is aiming for certifications with top professional software applications, however, it has not said which ones. When Intel only provided integrated graphics in the past, it concentrated on obtaining certification for the most widely used CAD and BIM software. It’s anticipated that Intel would step up its game with Arc Pro. 

Intel Arc Pro A-Series – GPU’s 

Explore the Newest Intel Arc Pro A-Series GPUs launch for Workstations 

  • Arc Pro A40 GPU 

Intel Arc Pro A40 GPU

Ray tracing hardware, graphics acceleration, and machine learning capabilities are all built into the Intel Arc Pro A40 GPU, which has a small, single-slot form footprint. 

  • GPU, Intel Arc Pro A50 

Intel Arc Pro A50 GPU

The Intel Arc Pro A40 GPU has been upgraded to the next level, which has a slightly larger dual-slot design and offers more TFLOPs of performance and memory bandwidth. 

  • Laptops with Intel Arc Pro Graphics 

Intel Arc Pro Graphics for Laptops

Take Intel Arc Pro graphics with you everywhere you go for professional graphics stability in the form of a mobile workstation. 

Intel Arc Pro A-Series – Features 

Although the three GPUs are all considered to be “entry-level,” they all have cutting-edge capabilities like hardware ray tracing and machine learning.  

Let’s check out some OK the key features of Intel Arc Pro A-Series GPU 

  • Ray Tracing  

Graphics chips must speed up the creation of images. Ray tracing hardware technology integrated into Intel Arc Pro A-series graphics enables compatible software to begin exploring such advanced workflows. Ray tracing is commonly thought to be available only on high-end GPUs, but Intel’s latest graphics card series defies that assumption. 

  • Multiple Large Displays with Small Cards 

The most recent Intel Arc Pro A-series GPUs offer support for up to four super large monitors to improve workflow efficiency despite their compact designs. When you combine high dynamic range (HDR) with audio support, you have everything you need to create the next impressive multi-display configuration for your home or workplace. 

  • Modern Viewport Technology Support 

Since professional software can employ a variety of viewport API languages, Intel optimizes the visuals for a variety of platforms. They strive to maximize performance while collaborating with dependable partners, but never at the expense of stability as a whole. 

  • All 8x Bandwidth 

An important factor to take into account is your workstation graphics card’s bandwidth. If you get it wrong, professional workflows may be slowed considerably. Because of this, we ensured that the Intel Arc Pro A-series GPU supports PCIe 4.0 x8 systems while also not penalizing backward compatibility. Graphics memory is further improved by a competitively high bandwidth speed, allowing your applications to access project data even more quickly. 

  • Making AI Realistic 

This GPU family offers a wealth of excellent technologies, including built-in dedicated AI acceleration where you need it and compatibility for your compatible AI tools. 

  • Hyper Compute 

By utilizing the combined strength of Intel® CPUs and GPUs to unleash even greater performance, Hyper Compute enables the creation of multi-engine content. When performing operations like machine learning services during image processing, Hyper Compute makes use of all available compute engines or AI accelerators on the Intel CPU and GPU platform. 

  • Dynamic Power Share 

Enables performance boost for your task by intelligently allocating power between the laptop CPU and GPU. Your Intel® CoreTM processor and Intel Arc graphics—whichever requires it most—are given power via a single power envelope managed by a clever algorithm. 

  • Hyper Encode 

You’ll waste less time waiting for your project to export with Hyper Encode. The various media engines found on the Intel Core CPU and Intel Arc graphics working together inside your laptop or desktop system enable hyper-encoding. 

Although Intel hasn’t yet disclosed prices, we anticipate that the Arc Pro A40 and A50 will be priced similarly to other low-profile professional GPUs. The advantage of Intel over competing graphics cards like the AMD Radeon Pro W6400 and Nvidia T600 is that it has hardware ray tracing built in, while the Nvidia T600 and T1000 do not. 

Intel Arc Pro A-Series Graphics- Specifications

Intel Arc Pro A40 GPU Intel Arc Pro A50 GPU Intel Arc Pro A30M GPU (Mobile)
Peak Performance 3.50 TFLOPs at Single Precision 4.80 TFLOPs at Single Precision 3.50 TFLOPs at Single Precision
Xe-core 8x Ray Trace Cores 8x Ray Trace Cores 8x Ray Trace Cores
Display Outputs 4x mini-DP 1.4 with Audio Support 4x mini-DP 1.4 with Audio Support Laptop Specific with Support for up to 4x
General 50w Peak Power in a Single Slot Form Factor 75w Peak Power in a Dual Slot Form Factor 35-50w Peak Power and ISV Software Certified

Content Source: Intel

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