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Is Language a Barrier for Outsourcing?

Many companies who are on the fence about outsourcing are concerned about the language barrier. It is normal to be apprehensive because effective communication is the key to successful collaboration.

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Outsourcing and Language Barriers

Firms that outsource work often do so in other countries with native employees who may not speak English as a first language.  The workers may be highly skilled in their areas, but if communication barriers are a problem, getting the work done correctly can be a complicated process.

While some employees may have learned English and been trained in their areas in English, they may still not understand English colloquial terms, or design concepts that are, in fact, foreign to them. The difference in culture and upbringing can also be an issue, especially if they know English only in technical terms.

When selecting a firm for outsourcing work, see how they have navigated this issue. Are they working with people who are fluent in English, both technically and in concept and abstract ideas? Ask if they have had problems resulting from communication problems.

Many companies will only work with people they feel are able to clearly communication via phone calls, emails and chats. Some may have preferred ways of communicating in order to get the instructions across clearly. Make sure you and your staff are comfortable with those forms of communication.

It is also important that the staff knows how to take constructive criticism. If the same mistake is made over and over, it can cause delays and slow down the turn-around time. It is important that there is a procedure in place for giving feedback. There can be a difference in how it is received due to cultural differences so that must be taken into account. The firm you work with to outsource projects should be able to instruct you on the best way to handle it, or they may offer to deal with it themselves.

In some cases, companies will have an employee whose first language is English working with the staff on-site in that country in order to resolve any communication issues. This person can be the translator, so to speak, when questions arise or to be sure that ideas are conveyed clearly.

Keep in mind that there are advantages to working with a staff that may not speak English as their first language. Your staff will have to convey their information more clearly, thereby reducing the possibility of mistakes because of vague instructions. It can also help in creating products with international appeal, because if the staff you are outsourcing to doesn’t understand the concept, then it’s likely that market will not either.

While there are pros and cons to the language barriers of working with staff that does not speak English as a first language, it should not deter you from outsourcing work.

Communication issues can arise in many situations, but they can generally be resolved with the right guidance and forethought.

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