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What Jobs Use Technical Drawing?

AutoCAD Drafting ServicesWelcome back! Today, we are here to talk more about technical drawing, including what jobs use them and why!

Drafters –  People that use technical drawings and can work for any type of industry, including engineering, architecture, manufacturing and more, are called drafters. While they’re tied to one field, they do have only one job – to create technical drawings. Their creations could be a single idea or attached to another, larger technical drawing. They might draw various parts of a new building or make additions to an established one.

Carpenters – This profession is known for its creativity and need for design. What better way to plan and design a set of cabinets or furniture, before construction, than with technical drawings? Carpenters that aren’t able to build their own designs for whatever reason could draft their designs and then send them off for manufacturing. According to ehow.com,  a construction crew may also use the carpenter’s technical drawing during construction of the less-complex parts of the project if the carpenter is not present to supervise.

Architects – This is probably one industry that uses technical drafters the most. You might wonder why, considering an architect can draw their own designs. A drafter can help draw out less specific designs of a home. Architects usually focus on the aesthetics of a home plan while drafters can help plan where objects will go in a structure. The drawings will help the owners understand the plan for the project more easily.

Engineers – Engineers of all types use technical drawings, including:

  • Civil engineers – Used to plan out and design bridges and buildings
  • Mechanical engineers – Can create designs for machines, tools and other related objects

Engineers also use technical drawings for the following reasons:

  • Many government projects require a technical drawing of a structure be rendered before they review the overall construction process.
  • Technical drawings also help engineers with patents of products and objects they’ve just created.
  • Technical drawings will be used in conjunction with CAD drawings to help ensure the accuracy of the project or object being created.

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