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5 Key Highlights from the Americas BILT 2022 Conference in Anaheim

The annual Digital Built Week (DBW) Americas is an event created to serve the requirements of individuals who plan, construct, run, and maintain our built environment.  

It is committed to enhancing how the industry collaborates as a community of professionals. BILT, BCS, Data Day, and DTS are just a few of the numerous events that are included in DBW. 

After being postponed for the last three years owing to the Global Covid 19 Pandemic, the conference was finally back in Anaheim after the most recent BILT conference in Seattle (2019). 

BILT 2022 Conference, Anaheim 

Anaheim, located in the Los Angeles suburbs, is famously known as the home of Disneyland. 

Claudia Cozzitorto, Director of Design Technologies, spoke at the Digital Built Environment Institute’s BILT Americas 2022 Conference (DBEI). 

Claudia’s presentation, “Leverage Design Technologies Skills Within Your Organization,” focuses on how to collect, manage, leverage, and maintain design technology skills to create balanced project teams that reflect the necessary skills for project delivery.  

She also emphasized how using PowerBI dashboards aids in the combination and visualization of information about your people and projects. 

5 Key Highlights from the Americas BILT 2022 Conference in Anaheim 

1. Signage with Revit & Dynamo

Parallax’s John Pierson, the creator of the Rhythm & Monocle Dynamo packages, demonstrated how to properly create 3D text and signage. 

“Creating 3D text inside a family is the best way to create signs.” 

An intriguing tip shared was to limit the text height to an invisible line rather than a reference plane. This method would enable the use of blue-dimension arrows in 3D views. 

2. The Modular Buzz

Modular Projects got a lot of hype, and there were several modular-focused sessions.  

Greg Leung, a former Apple employee who founded the company, Connect Homes, delivered the first keynote address. 

The industry appears to be moving in that direction, but there are some roadblocks along the way. The industry still has to figure it out and make it work on a larger scale. 

3. Trigonometry In Revit Families

Vincent Bleyenheuft, a partner at CADWorks in France, demonstrated how to create a stunning family in Revit using trigonometry.  

Trigonometry may sound intimidating, but it is something you learn in school around the age of 14. It’s time to say hello to your good old pals Sin, Cos, and Tan. 

4. The New Dynamo

‘Making the most of the Dynamo Player’ was given a lot of consideration while integrating Dynamo in your company. 

A variety of scripts, including the updated player from Revit 2023, that were created expressly for use in the Dynamo Player were displayed. 

5. The Future is BIM Shaped

BIM has completely changed the game for the AEC Industry.  BIM will have a lot more to offer in the future than what is currently anticipated.  

BIM is ready to enter the design sector and improve the construction process thanks to cutting-edge technology and more recent inventions. 

As a result, many Venture Capital Firms are focused on supporting AEC start-ups. 

Key Learning Objectives  

  • Acquire knowledge on how to organize each staff member’s expertise and skills in design technology and retrieve the data via dashboards. 
  • Recognize training requirements and gaps in design technology skills across your organization by using employee information. 
  • Acquire data-using abilities and experience balancing knowledge depending on project deliverables. 
  • Establish a system for your organization’s understanding, administration, and exploitation of design technology talents. 

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