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MediSieve’s 3D-Printed Blood Filter Could Be the Cure for Malaria

MediSieve’s 3D-Printed Blood Filter Could Be the Cure for Malaria
Ready to learn more about the amazing advancements in a growing industry? We are talking about the constant evolution of 3D printing and how unbelievable the latest technology is! 3D printing is a phenomenon that is showing no signs of slowing down. In the latest news regarding amazing innovations is a possibility to cure a serious disease that kills many people in other countries overseas. According to 3dprint.com, “There is probably no disease in the world more detrimental to a developing nation’s advancement than malaria. Throughout developing regions in Latin America, Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that malaria costs over $12 billion a year in healthcare costs and lost wages, not to mention the detrimental effects on tourism and an estimated 800,000 deaths annually.” But, with new advancements in 3D printing, it’s possible that a cure for this deadly disease might be found soon. There are manufactured drugs on the market that can ease symptoms, but nothing that will fully cure a body from having the disease. According to 3dprint.com, “The founder of MediSieve, Dr. George Frodsham, developed 3D printable magnetic blood filters that could potentially remove 90% of a patient’s infected blood cells in less than four hours. The filters only attract the blood cells with magnetic properties, allowing un-infected blood cells to pass through them harmlessly.” This amazing cure would eliminate the need for drug treatment altogether. Some patients don’t react to the meds used to treat malaria, so they never get any better. With this 3D-printed blood filter, up to 80% of infected cells could be eradicated within four hours of this new treatment. It’s a hopeful alternative for those countries that have such a serious outbreak of this disease. In addition to possibly curing diseases, 3D printing is already saving lives by manufacturing 3D-printed organs, prosthetic limbs such as ears, and more! 3D printers are also able to make dental implants, Invisalign, shoes, and tools. The possibilities seem to be endless with the outstanding technology that is continuing to develop each year. We are dedicated to bringing you the most recent information and reports about 3D printing and how effective it is in today’s world. Stay tuned to learn more about this type of printing in future blog posts!

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