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Need Help Importing a Word Document Into AutoCAD? Look Here!

A project designed in AutoCAD is often more than just a drawing. It contains information about the drawing that needs to be conveyed via text. For example, a blueprint for a building may need to have plan notes attached to it that explain the concepts behind the design. Many times someone else on the project team will develop the content and have the designer insert it into the drawing.

If you are the designer, you will need to know how to import that information into your AutoCAD file. If you need help with your drafting or designs, call Indovance. We’re a top AutoCAD services company and we specialize in saving you time and money!

Inserting Word Docs Into AutoCAD

Word documents are the preferred method for inserting text into an AutoCAD file. It works well for collaborative projects that may have changes over the course of its development because when the information is updated in the original document, it is updated in the AutoCAD file as well. Other options, which include copying and pasting wording from a text file, are best when the information is not going to be changed.

Inserting a Word document into your file isn’t as hard as it may sound. It just needs to be placed as an OLE object, which is Microsoft’s framework for linking and embedding objects into documents or other objects. This allows the whole document to be placed into the file, not just the content. If done correctly, it will bring over the formatting and images from the document so that it should not have to be modified once it’s placed.

Here’s how to place a Word document into an AutoCAD file:

• Open the AutoCAD file you want to place your Word document into.

• Go to the menu browser and select Insert -> OLE Objects. Or if you prefer to use the command window in your program, type “insertobj.”

• The “Insert Object” window will pop up, allowing you to select the type of file you want to insert into your drawing. Click “Microsoft Word Document” and then click the “create from file” radio button.

• Now you’ll need to find the Word document that you want to import and click the “link” check box, then click “ok.”

Note that only the first page of your document will be linked. If you have additional pages, you will need to insert them individually.

If you need to adjust the document’s properties such as dimensions or display quality, you can right-click on the object to modify them.

Now you’re all set! Both the design and the content plans of your project are now linked.  Any changes made in your Word document will be reflected in the AutoCAD file.

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