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How New Technology is Changing Architecture and Construction

DRAFTING SERVICESRobots, drones, 3D printing – it all sounds futuristic to someone who is not in the tech business, but this technology is making headway in nearly all industries, including architecture and construction.

Designing and building structures is one of the most complicated, time consuming and expensive ventures. Using new technology to streamline the process makes sense. Anything that can help a company construct a building in a faster time frame with more efficiencies and a lower cost is worth incorporating.

Companies are developing robots that can use 3D printing technology to build structures.
MX3D, a tech company in the Netherlands, recently announced plans to build a functional steel bridge in Amsterdam using multi-axis robots. The robots will utilize 3D printing tools through the software they developed.

Gensler, a design and architecture firm based in the U.S. introduced an aerial 3D drone at SXSW this year. They created what looks like a remote controlled toy, but it’s designed to break the limits of standard 3D printing. The drone, named MUPPette for Mobile Unmanned Printing Platform, is an automated mobile platform that they hope will allow for limitless capability in 3D printing. The drone has a laser range finder and uses GPS sensors for navigation. They hope to eventually develop a fully unmanned aerial vehicle that can 3D print from anywhere and for any size project.

Petr Novikov, a developer and researcher with the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Spain, believes that bridging the gap between design and construction will make the process more efficient. He developed a project called Minibuilders that uses small robots to print large structures. They created a three-robot process that can build regular sized structures.

He hopes to be able to help with construction in unusual environments, even as far away as Mars or the moon. He believes that he’ll be able to send 3D printing robots to these places with the ability to customize the design based on the terrain and available materials.

A professor at the California College of the Arts led a group of students to develop Swarmscapers, robots that use onsite materials to build structures. The robot circles the pile of materials and uses glue to bind it, while a fan blows enough of the surrounding material to cover the adhesive. It results in clusters that resemble termite mounds.

He is also investigating ways to combine different aspects of construction so that a robot could handle both sides. For instance, when building a house, a wall is needed, but plumbing is also needed. He wants to see if a robot could be developed that would build the wall, then add the plumbing.

Robert Stuart-Smith, another professor, wants to create drones that can design in real time onsite. He imagines dozens of drones working collaboratively to build a site with only a basic template. His idea is similar to the way ants work. Architects would set the initial code for the structure, but the drones would revise the plans as they see fit.

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