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Palm Islands: Did You Know Why They Were Built? And How Difficult It Was?

It was really tough for us to determine one civil engineering project that was the toughest, and that which proved to be a successful project. And not just successful project, it was one of the most celebrated projects in the history of the civil industry. Well, who could imagine developing a project in the middle of the ocean? Palm Islands does provide an amazing view, but was it that easy to develop such a beautiful island? Of course not! Let us learn about the difficulties that this project had to face, and why was it built in the first place. The name has been given such because it looks like a palm tree from an aerial view.

We have heard about feasibility studies that are required to be done whenever any project has to be started. Similar feasibility studies were conducted for Palm Islands, but any idea how many? More than 100 studies! This speaks volumes of the complexity and the size of the project. But why was this project ever built? According to some sources, Dubai would have depleted all of its oil deposits in few years to come, and they needed some solid source of income. Therefore, it was decided that tourism can keep the economy in good shape.

Looks like quite a plan!

But, can Dubai host so many tourists? Dubai is small in area, it is just twice as big as London. It was practically impossible to add more tourists without the necessary infrastructure. The solution was to extend the coastline and build an artificial island. The Island is built with sand and gravels to make it look more natural. It is said around 94 million cubic meters of sand was used. Being a desert, Dubai has a lot of sand, but that is different from what was required at the sea surface. And 5.5 million cubic meters of rock was also required. It is said that this amount of rock can be used to construct a small wall circling the whole world.

Palm Islands

In Holland, Dutch engineers have increased their land by around 35%. And these engineers were specially called in Dubai to conduct a study and tell whether the project was possible or not. So many factors were considered like the strength of the storm, high tides, the shallowness of the ocean, etc. before starting the actual work. Some best engineers across the world were put together to create this island. You will be surprised to know that private satellite was used to check if the shape of the island is same as it was designed. The satellite sent co-ordinates, and things went as they were supposed to be. This is really amazing, isn’t it?

More than a 120,000 people were involved every day, and some best barges, dumpers, cranes were used. Palm Islands saw some best men and machines put together at work. The design was slightly modified because the outer water couldn’t come in. Now, this was another problem because the inside water of the island started growing stale. Hence, the outer rings were broken so that water could come in, and the inside water remained fresh.

And then they build the world’s largest man-made island: Palm Islands. This island stations many luxury resorts that can let you go bananas. There are houses, shopping malls, and internal road network. It’s a beautiful place.

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