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Pothole Repairing Robot is a 3D Printer!

Soon the world might be changing, yet again, due to the advancements of a unique 3D printing robot!

“One of the main limitations with 3D printers is you typically have it printing inside this box, and you can really only print objects of the size of the workspace you’re printing in,” says Robert Flitsch, a 22-year-old mechanical engineer, who graduated from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences last May. He also states, “If you take additive manufacturing implements and make them mobile, you can print objects of arbitrary size.”

How interesting would it be to see a 3D printer working on potholes in the near future? If all goes well and the engineer gets the funding needed to make it a go, we will be doing just that! If you need affordable 3D CAD services for your 3D printing projects please call Indovance for a free quote!

3D Printing Robot Repairs Roads

The concept will include a four wheeled car named Addibot. This vehicle is actually a robot that will smooth over the potholes as it drives, using a 3D printer to print the materials needed.

According to popsci.com, “Underneath the chassis of an Addibot is an array of nozzles that, ostensibly, would lay down materials as needed to repair a variety of surfaces. Flitsch, a longtime hockey player, first tested his Addibot on ice, the idea being that such a robot could deposit water, with a temperature just above its freezing point, into the cuts made by skates on hockey rinks, and then freeze once coming into contact with the ice surface. So long as the width of the print array accurately represents the crack or hole the Addibot is passing over, the repair work could be done at a constant speed “on the order of a few miles per hour.”

In an interview with techtimes, the inventor stated the following about how the tar will be mixed and used during the process. “All the storage for material, all the chemical processing could be done onboard the Addibot. Tar materials, which have to be kept at a high temperature, can be done in a tank with a constant heat source added to it. Power sources could be various kinds, depending on the size of the robot.”

Can you imagine a world where robots using 3D printers are filling potholes and working on our roadways? It’s just one more way we are quickly advancing! The technology with 3D printing is getting better by the year. To learn more about this new type of printing, be sure to visit back with us in the future. We strive to bring you the latest news as it hits the media!

Affordable Outsourcing of 3D CAD Services | Indovance

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Selecting the right outsourcing company for your business might be the hardest part of the overall outsourcing process. Thankfully, companies like ours are here to offer quality resources to help ease your fears about hiring an outsourcing company. To learn more about Indovance and all the outsourcing services we offer give us a call. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about outsourcing!

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