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Revizto 5.10 Release – Features and Updates


Revizto is constantly evolving. Each new update brings a slew of new, critical features to meet ever-increasing industry and client demands. 

Revizto 5.10 introduces four new features, integration capabilities, and enhancements to Revizto’s core features. 

BIM Collaboration Software Revizto has come up with a promising update. Revizto 5.10 represents the evolution of construction collaboration software. 

Let’s find out more. 

What is Revizto? 

Construction technology advancements are helping to make the industry safer and more efficient as it continues to evolve. Tech firms are developing advanced software with analytic capabilities to assist in resolving the ongoing issue of data sharing and communication in the construction industry. 

Revizto, an integrated platform for collaboration for architects, engineers, construction companies, and project owners, was introduced by the company Vizerra in 2008 after it had raised funds to develop its gaming technology solution for the then-emerging BIM sector. By “thinning out” the BIM projects based on gaming technology, Revizto was among the first to show the value of centralized cloud-hosting for sharing model information.  

Revizto is a solution for BIM collaboration that uses the Unity gaming platform to condense the composite model, making it simpler for the user to access and navigate. For people who work with data-rich, resource-intensive models, this is a fantastic alternative. 

Revizto is a versatile tool for designers, engineers, and contractors since it offers reviewing, 2D/3D coordination, model quality assurance, and drawing checks on a desk or on the field. 

Revizto is a versatile platform that works with web browsers, 64-bit Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. While it is deeply linked to the Autodesk environment, including Revit, it also works with Bentley Systems tools, SketchUp, Archicad, Rhino, etc.  

Revizto supports FBX, IFC, and BCF as well as point cloud data. There are connections with Procore, Autodesk BIM 360, Box, and SharePoint, to mention a few.  

Revizto’s feature set has expanded over time from basic BIM viewing and filtering to now offering the measure, issue tracking/reports, markup tools, merge models/federated models, revision control, overlay 2D sheets on top of the 3D model, sketch mode, section/elevation cut views, camera sharing, online/offline with cloud sync, team management/permissions, laser scans, field input VR support, and many more features. 

Revizto – Key Features 

Revizto enables teams to collaborate and share a single window to access all project data by bringing all project participants together and streamlining the BIM process. Even once final construction is complete, the entire AEC sector, including ownership groups, can profit from the tools Revizto has to offer. 

Revizto offers strong features that, when combined with BIM 360, Procore, or Box, enable complete transparency throughout the project using the data supplied in the models: 

  • Point Cloud Integration – Direct point cloud integration is supported by Revizto. As-built conditions, 3D models, and intelligent 2D drawings may all be seamlessly overlaid into a unified working view. 
  • Enhance Collaboration with Issue Tracker – Issue Tracker is a straightforward yet effective task-tracking tool that enables teams to work together on cloud projects in real-time, assign issues, produce reports, and oversee all project activity from a single location. 
  • Optimize Clash Workflow – Import your clashes from Solibri and Navisworks directly into the Issue Tracker. All other project concerns, including imported clashes, will show up alongside them, making it simpler to keep track of everything in one spot. 
  • Procore Integration – A robust workflow may be created by feeding all the important data that has been coordinated and collaborated in Revizto right into the RFI tool in one convenient spot. 
  • VR(Virtual Reality) Capabilities – Revizto works natively with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, generating an explorable, true-to-scale VR experience in seconds, allowing you to explore real model data and coordination issues in VR. 

Revizto 5.10 Release – Features and Updates 

Video Source: Revizto

Revizto is an extremely effective integrated solution for assisting with BIM workflow. Revizto 5.10 adds four new features, as well as improvements to the platform’s core functions and integration possibilities. 

  • Switch from 3D to 2D – A new right-click menu item that allows you to access any of the sheets relevant to your current location. 
  • Enhanced custom object properties – The functionality of custom object properties has been improved. These characteristics can now be added and edited with significantly less work and time. The values of custom properties can be instantly filled in using preferred properties. 
  • Clickable location tags in issues (Available only in Revizto+ subscription)- By simply clicking on a location tag, you can apply an issue filter to that location. 
  • Quick issue creation from selected clashes (Available only in Revizto+ subscription) – Just click the clash status to create issues from a selection of clash test results. 
  • iPad and Android tablets support – Now, iPad and Android tablets may support links to Revizto issues. The issue is displayed in the Revizto program by simply clicking a link. 

Revizto 5.10 Major Integrations 

  • Microsoft SharePoint – Revizto users can access files hosted in the cloud by SharePoint, attach them to issues, and convert hosted PDF files to sheets. 
  • New plug-ins – Revizto now supports Sketchup 2022 and Autodesk 2023 products. 

Revizto integrates BIM intelligence, making it instantly accessible and implementable to the entire project team. Project team members can identify and manage model-based issues in 3D space and 2D sheets using Revizto’s advanced Issue Tracker predefined workflows, including addressing clash groups. Revizto provides unified access to project data for both 2D and 3D workflows, allowing anyone to use it depending on project needs. 

Revizto 5.10 is now available for current subscription holders as well as for demo purposes. 

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