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Solid Edge 2023 unleashes the true potential of design data – Create, Connect, and Collaborate


Siemens Solid Edge 2023 features significant enhancements. The update has many improvements that will make it simpler and more effective for you to carry out your regular tasks.  

You can Do More with fewer clicks thanks to a new look and feel that fits the way you operate. With enhanced simulation possibilities, mesh models can be used more creatively.  

Numerous new features have been added in Solid Edge 2023 to speed up product design. With new interoperability improvements, teams and systems can collaborate seamlessly.  

Manufacturers can save time and money by removing errors during an inspection, 

What’s new in Solid Edge 2023? 

Let’s check out Solid Edge 2023’s latest exciting new features.

Video Source: Siemens Software

The updated look and feel of Solid Edge include enhanced modeling workflows, more customization possibilities, and more intuitive working methods. Components developed by convergent modeling (using generative design or from 3D scans) can be utilized in simulations without the need for additional conversion, and synchronous technology has been applied to classic ordered history-based parts in Solid Edge’s geometry-defining tools. 

‘It’s important that we continue to develop how we make these capabilities available to our community, in addition to our work to bring innovative technology and capability to each release of Solid Edge, covering everything from 3D design through advanced CAM and into technical publications,’ said John Miller, Senior Vice President, Mainstream Engineering Software, Siemens. We are now launching new license options that are intended to better suit the evolving business demands of small and medium-sized manufacturers by offering more flexibility, more value, and, with Xcelerator Share, greater collaboration, and speed. 

Additionally, Solid Edge 2023 unleashes the true potential of design data and future-proofs customers’ work as Solid Edge data can be shared with other products in the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, such as Process Simulate and NX Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD). 

Solid Edge 2023 also makes use of Siemens’ expertise in Model-Based Definition (MBD) with a new Solid Edge Advanced PMI add-on that provides high-quality consistent dimensioning for downstream applications that can leverage 3D annotated product data models. 

Introducing Solid Edge 2023 – New Updates and Features 

  • Do More with Less

Explore the updated look and feel of Solid Edge 2023, which includes a new user interface (UI) and enhanced workflows.  Cut down on the number of clicks needed to complete enhancements to ordered modeling as well as popular operations that save time and equip synchronous users with tools. 

  • Solid Edge SaaS Subscription

The Xcelerator Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) platform offers access to the cloud and the ability to subscribe to software and services according to your needs.  

With Solid Edge SaaS, you can manage costs, scale your business more efficiently, and access additional capabilities that are only available with a SaaS subscription. You can expect to receive the same robust product development software from Solid Edge SaaS, which also includes Xcelerator Share, in addition to next-generation collaboration tools, augmented reality (AR) capabilities, access to your design data from any location at any time on any device, and more. 

Instant access to technologies like generative design pro, point cloud visualization, and Solid Edge electrical routing is offered by this flexible licensing option, which is accessible through a Solid Edge SaaS subscription. 

  • Optimize the overall objective of the production process

You now have the ability to detail 3D models more quickly and easily thanks to model-based definition (MBD) improvements. With better workflows and automation, productivity can be boosted. You can deliver high-quality consistent dimensioning for upcoming PMI applications with the new Solid Edge advanced product manufacturing information (PMI) add-on. 

  • Future Proof Your Design

The potential of your design data is unlocked by new interoperability enhancements, which also help to future-proof your work. Solid Edge can be used to export Solid Edge data precisely and quickly to and from the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, which includes the Tecnomatix® portfolio’s Process Simulate and NXTM software. You can now directly insert (component or assembly) software files from SolidWorks, JT, STEP, and Parasolid® into Solid Edge assemblies without translating. 

  • Leverage the enhanced Mesh functionality

The ability to simulate convergent models have improved. The models are produced from 3D scans or developed through generative design, without the requirement for b-rep conversion. You can minimize meshing errors and expedite simulation studies by expanding body mesh functionality to incorporate assembly and sheet metal simulation. 

  • Faster Technical Documentation

Do More with technical documentation and drawings thanks to an updated, modern user interface, improved workflows, and animations. Give graphics and parts with dynamic displays with rich text info. For camera movement, part reveals, part movement, part hide, and other animation features, create custom transitions with predefined timing. Additionally, you can choose numerous master pages and show graphic thumbnails of the document. 

  • Leverage Modern Manufacturing Technologies

Solid Edge CAM Pro’s new multi-axis roughing for 5-axis machining allows for faster and more effective material removal. 

You may now manufacture shapes, even ones that would otherwise be too expensive or impossible, thanks to new wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) technology and a rotary machining add-on for 4-axis machining. 

You get quick access to standardized, professionally created machine simulation kits with the smart machine kits library. 

Solid Edge 2023 – Benefits  

  • Seamless collaboration between teams and systems 
  • Simplify product design with a new intuitive user interface 
  • Detail 3D models faster and easier with MBD enhancements 
  • Minimize meshing mistakes and accelerate simulation studies 
  • Solid Edge Inspector to prevent inspection errors 
  • Access the add-on capabilities with a flexible subscription-based model 

Solid Edge 2023 System Configuration 

  • Windows 10 Enterprise or Professional (64-bit only) version 1809 or later 
  • 64-bit, Java 8 and above 
  • 16 GB RAM 
  • Color Depth 65K 
  • Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 
  • 8.5 GB of disk space is required for the installation 

Solid Edge 2023 brings a new, more streamlined user interface, improved interoperability with the Siemens Xcelerator range, and increased capabilities and collaboration across numerous industry workflows for product design, engineering, and manufacturing. 

Instantly download a free trial of Solid Edge…3D CAD and so much more.

Solid Edge drastically reduces time-to-market, offers greater production flexibility, and lowers costs with its collaborative and scalable solutions. The updated Solid Edge 2023 software utilizes the most cutting-edge innovative technologies in mechanical and electrical design, simulation, manufacturing, publications, data management, and cloud-based collaboration. 

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