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Steven Holl Architects and SKUPINA’s ‘Tower of Light’ wins Terezín Ghetto Museum Competition

Steven Holl Architects and SKUPINA Studios’ contemplative ‘Tower of Light’ wins 1st place in Czech Republic’s Terezín Ghetto Museum Competition. 

Steven Holl Architects collaborated with Marcela Steinbachová and SKUPINA Studio for the Terezín Ghetto Museum competition in the Czech Republic and won the internationally acclaimed competition out of 22 teams.  

Terezín, a military fortification established in 1780, was used as a Jewish ghetto during World War II, with an estimated 33,000 Jews dying. The present Terezín Ghetto Museum pays tribute to those who lost their lives during this horrific period in history, while the new design will be a testament to hope and brightness. 

Obrazek.org (Michal Nohejl)

Obrazek.org (Michal Nohejl)- Image source: www.archdaily.com

Steven Holl Architects 

Steven Holl Architects is a global architecture and urban design firm with 28 employees based in New York City and Beijing. With Chris McVoy, Noah Yaffe, and Roberto Bannura as partners, Steven Holl leads the office. 

Steven Holl Architects is known for its ability to shape space and light with great contextual sensitivity, as well as the ability to catalyze the unique qualities of each project to create a concept-driven design at a variety of scales, from small homes to university works to new hybrid urbanism models. With considerable experience in the arts, campus and educational facilities, residential work, mix-use, and office design, public works, and master planning, the firm has completed architectural projects all over the world. 

Sustainable Architecture Approach 

Sustainable building and site development are important to the Firm’s progressive and imaginative design. Sustainable technology and forward-thinking approaches to urbanism and architecture are combined in our projects. They regard a sustainable approach to design and construction as a responsibility to the built environment’s future, and they are dedicated to this goal in every project. 

For excellence in design, Steven Holl Architects has received the most prestigious honors, publications, and exhibitions from around the world. The Velux Daylight Award for Daylight in Architecture (2016), the Praemium Imperiale Award for Architecture (2014), the Gold Medal from the American Institute of Architects (2012), the RIBA Jencks Award (2010), the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award (2009), the Grande Médaille d’Or from the French Académie D’Architecture (2001), and the Alvar Aalto Award are just a few of the honors bestowed upon him (1998). 

SKUPINA Studios 

SKUPINA means “a group” in Czech, and the name refers to the concept of creating architecture with all open-minded people, not just architects. The office works with a rotating group of external collaborators, such as artists, engineers, and graphic designers, to ensure that each challenge is addressed uniquely. 

SKUPINA Studios has received the Grand Prix of Architects 2019 – Honorable mention for interior (Czech Theater Photography), Czech Architecture Award 2016, Architect of the Year 2016, 1st Price – Competition for the National Technical Museum – Exhibition of Transport History, Interior of the Year 2005, nomination (with J. Hofman), Vitrablok Design award, and the AVU Hlávka Prize. 

The Tower of Light 

A recent addition, the Tower of Light, is a contemplative space where visitors can observe spectral light phenomena such as daylight refracted into a spectrum of hues—the colors of humanity. The Tower shines brightly like a beacon in the dark at night. The Tower of Light is reminiscent of Petr Ginz’s artwork “Moon Landscape.” Ginz, who was born in Prague on February 1, 1928, was taken to the Terezín concentration camp, where he created this fantastic depiction of the Earth from space. Ginz was sent to Auschwitz in 1944, where he was gassed to death at the age of sixteen. 

The Tower of Light, rising gracefully above the neighboring buildings toward the sky, is a hopeful new presence in the heart of Terezín. A new information center and a refurbishment of the current museum and exhibition design, new parks and green spaces surrounding the property, updated parking, and a new information center are all part of the plan.  

Winning Project Details 

  • Name – The Tower of Light 
  • Location – Terezín Ghetto Museum, Terezín, Czech Republic 
  • Architecture – Steven Holl Architects, Marcela Steinbachová SKUPINA Studio 
  • Competition – Terezín Ghetto Museum 

The design team includes Veronika Tichá, Jan Mojka, Marie Harigelová, Michael Haddy, Talya Polat, Obrazek.org + Michal Nohejl as associate architects, David Korecký as an exhibition concept designer, Vladimir Pavlovič as a construction consultant, and Jan Sulzer and Lada Veselá as landscape designers. 

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