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TELUS Sky by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group )- A LEED Platinum Development in Canada


TELUS Sky is the latest addition to Calgary’s skyline. Bjarke Ingels Group’s (BIG) mixed-use tower has 326 residential units spread across 28 floors. Notably, the project includes Northern Lights, a fully programmable LED light installation by Canadian author and artist Douglas Coupland.  

For the first time since its opening in 2020 during the pandemic, BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group has published a photo series of the Vancouver House and the TELUS Sky towers. Both skyscrapers have a curved silhouette that engulfs the surroundings like a huge curtain, revealing the building to the skyline in a manner that could be described as “yin and yang.”  

The built environment in Calgary needs to change in order to recognize the shift to an information-based economy in a world where technological change, innovation, and creativity are what define it. Cities will need to change in order to accommodate the businesses in the creative industries that will serve as the cornerstone of the nation’s future economic growth. 

Telus Sky Tower- The 750,000-square-foot tower

TELUS, one of Canada’s top telecommunications companies, invited BIG to present its vision for a brand-new architectural landmark in Calgary’s downtown. The 750,000-square-foot tower creates a vibrant community by seamlessly blending urban living and working. 

TELUS Sky by BIG – LED & LEED Lighting

TELUS Sky by BIG – LED & LEED Lighting

The mixed-use tower is planned for the 7th Avenue block, and BIG’s design will transform the neighborhood into one of North America’s most cutting-edge green infrastructures. As the tower ascends from the ground to the sky, BIG’s design accommodates the transition from working to living by incorporating office, residential, and retail spaces.  

Douglas Coupland integrates LED lighting in an inverted L pattern around each window frame, or “pixel,” of the building. Over 2.2km (or 89,000 pixels) of LED lighting can be found on the façade in total. In order to illustrate the Aurora borealis in motion and color, Coupland produced a number of animation sequences for the installation. Viewers are immersed in the impression of being in Canada’s north thanks to the soothing organic motion of the LED lighting, whether they are close up or far away.  

The building’s natural curves further contribute to amplifying the motion of the light sequencing and resulting in a fully integrated experience. The timing of Northern Lights, which changes with the seasons, is set to play every day from about an hour before sunset until 11 pm. 

TELUS Sky is also a LEED Platinum development that aims to reduce energy consumption by 30% by connecting to Calgary’s Enmax district thermal-energy system. This action reduces CO2 emissions by 395,000 kilograms annually. A living green wall and an 11-story atrium improve the building’s air quality and contribute to its distinctive first impression. 

The TELUS Sky Tower establishes a lively mix of living

The TELUS Sky Tower establishes a lively mix of living and working in the heart of downtown Calgary. Because the car is such an important part of Calgary Downtown, the area’s programmatic unity leaves it empty at night as people return home. TELUS Sky creates a programmatically diverse building with activities throughout the day by stacking the houses on top of an office tower. 

According to Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), downtown Calgary has evolved into a typical North American city center with a collection of corporate towers encircled by low-density suburban homes. To help make Calgary’s downtown more diverse and walkable, The TELUS Sky is an effort to create a lively mix of living and working at the intersection of light rail and arterial roads in the center of the city. 

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